Facials are more than simply a bit of indulgence at the salon or spa. Sure, it’s great to be pampered, but getting a facial provides real benefits many aren’t aware of.

Almost every facial provides relaxation. Fruity smells, invigorating salts, enchanting music, and a variety of other components makes a facial one of the most relaxing things a person can do in a half hour. Depending on your taste, some facials may be more or less relaxing than others, but they all tend to get the job done. You will likely leave the salon feeling a bit less stress; less stress equals better health.

A deeper benefit of facials is that they tend to change the look of the skin for the better. Your body’s skin cells are constantly dying and being replaced, and most people retain a layer of dead skin for most of the day. That extra skin is not only really gross, it’s also a source of clogged pores and acne.


A facial clears all that skin away, and actually takes the extra step of cleaning the living cells that you want at the forefront. Oxygen facials are said to help boost the growth of new skin cells, reducing any fine lines that might have emerged. Facials also stimulate the muscles of your face, making them tighten up, producing a younger, firmer look.

When you get a professional facial, you have the benefit of talking to someone who is an expert on skin and is devoting a considerable amount of time to your face. He or she can explain what skin type you have and how to best treat it. Some people ought to use oil-free makeup, others need an extra strong moisturizer. Only by talking about your specific skin type can you hope to make the best decisions for your face.

Regardless of what you hope to get out of it, a facial at the Health and Style Institute can help make you more relaxed, make your skin shine brightly with health, and reduce the appearance of unwanted acne.
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