Health & Style Institute Beauty Bites

Summer’s upon us, with a lot of hot and / or humid days when wearing your hair down just simply adds to your heat misery, right?  Buns, braids, and updos can look chic and keep you a bit more comfy in the heat.  Here’s a look you might not have tried yet, the Topsy-Tail Mermaid.

When you hear topsy tail do you immediately think of late 80’s and the early 90’s because the topsy tail was in its prime at that time? Well friends, here’s a fun and innovative way that you can utilize the topsy tail technique in a very current way.

This is a perfect hairstyle for the summer ladies, and all you need to achieve it is some patience and a few elastic bands. Check out this great video tutorial by the fabulous Jenny Strebe:




Braids continue being on trend this spring. If you’re rocking short hair, don’t despair; while there’s a common misconception that braids only work with medium-length to long hair, it’s absolutely not true. The hottest hair trend of the season also looks amazing with a pixie or a bob. These ‘dos prove girls with short hair don’t have to sacrifice the beloved braid!

Give the standard half-up hairstyle a chic upgrade with a unique crown braid. Or cornrows are a quick way to add edge to a bob or pixie.

Keep it cute and simple with a casual side braid.  Five minutes and you’re out the door!



Or try a boho-inspired plait to keep bangs out of your face. And add some oomph to a short textured cut with a fishtail, fastened with a cute clip.

No matter your hair length, come see us at Health and Style Institute, we’ll help you find other fun ways to braid that work for your specific cut!  We have two locations to serve you.

Yes, you can still wear hair accessories without looking like your niece…  or Shirley Temple.  They’re a quick, easy, and often pretty inexpensive way to change up your look a bit, or take a ho-hum hair day to a feeling pretty fly hair day!  Hair accessories have moved beyond the ribbons at the end of your cheerleading pigtails days.  The secret?  Two secrets, actually:  find accessories and do looks that are age appropriate.  And wear the right kinds of accessories with the right dos.

What a twenty-something year old can pull off is not necessarily the same as what a 30, 40, or 50+ year old can rock without prompting raised eyebrows.   Look at the runways, any magazine full of A-list celebs, and you’ll see the gamut of accessories; barrettes, headbands, scarves, clips, feathers, and more.

For most, a rhinestone-encrusted tiara may not be in your future, however a pretty, statement-piece barrette can make the two-minute ponytail you created on the run look fabulously put-together and chic.

Or twist a scarf or bandana and wrap it around a bun, or further out, around the parameter of your hair.  Punch up a ponytail or braid with a wide metallic barrette at the end.  You can also sweep bangs or a section of hair to the side and secure with a pretty clip or barrette.

Headbands are fun too, and look especially good when you keep the headband simple.  They look especially great with short hair, or when you’re growing your hair out, but be careful when selecting one — anything too wide or too ornate could make you look like a third-grader.

If you have a barrette, headband, or other hair accessory you just HAD to have, but now find yourself unsure of how to style it, bring it along to your next visit to Health and Style Institute and we can show you flattering ways to wear it!