Health & Style Institute Beauty Bites

Spring may not yet be in the air, but we can certainly help it be in the hair! All the recent snow and rain can wreak havoc on that perfectly coiffed style you spent too much time on for it to get ruined by the elements. Consider adding “rain-proof” curls or waves, with a perm.

Or if you want straight hairstyles, a relaxer gives you that option without worrying that your hair will revert to its naturally curly/kinky texture if you get caught out in the rain.



In either case, you’ll love our March Promotion, “Think Fresh, Spend Less!” $10 off a Perm or Relaxer, good March 1 – March 31, 2015. Call today to schedule at either of our two locations!

As each process results in a permanent change to the hair’s structure that can only be removed by cutting it off, these processes are best done in a salon, rather than the DIY route.

It’s important to understand the condition and health of your hair will affect the outcome of these processes. Come see us, we’ll help you determine if your hair is receptive to optimal results, and if not, we can provide extra deep conditioning before undergoing either process.

Using the right products on your hair following a perm or relaxer, will help you maintain the best results. Be sure to check out all our great hair care products and get our input on what best suits your hair.

Happy March, happy Spring!



HSI_Shelia Moore_cut color curls natural hair

Deciding to chemically alter your hair with color, a perm, or relaxer can be a big decision! Here at Health and Style Institute our student stylists can work with you to determine the best options for your hair, as well as make sure you understand the right after care and products to keep your chemically treated hair looking fly!

If you’ve been considering a chemical service, or are in need up a touch up to currently chemically treated hair, take advantage of our uber-fab July special for BIG saving$:

Buy one retail product at our regular price and receive HALF off a hair color or other chemical service!  Good through July 31, 2013.