Health & Style Institute Beauty Bites

Summer’s upon us, with a lot of hot and / or humid days when wearing your hair down just simply adds to your heat misery, right?  Buns, braids, and updos can look chic and keep you a bit more comfy in the heat.  Here’s a look you might not have tried yet, the Topsy-Tail Mermaid.

When you hear topsy tail do you immediately think of late 80’s and the early 90’s because the topsy tail was in its prime at that time? Well friends, here’s a fun and innovative way that you can utilize the topsy tail technique in a very current way.

This is a perfect hairstyle for the summer ladies, and all you need to achieve it is some patience and a few elastic bands. Check out this great video tutorial by the fabulous Jenny Strebe:


Spring is here, and that means so many new hairstyles to try! A lighter, airier feel looks adorable and can add some spunk. Why not bring some life (literally) to your look?

A single flower clip makes a big impression. Behind the ear, above a ponytail, or accenting a braid, even one clip will can brighten up your Spring look.

For a more intricate look, you may need to add a few more petals. Keep it simple by using a floral headband. You can pair the band with almost any look; bun, braid, ponytail, or easy curls, but get a masterful everyday style with just one addition.


If you have a little more time and want to get that “wow” factor, you can beautiful accent a braid in a number of ways. Try keeping a string of flowers in hand as you first make the braid. With each twist, your flower strand will wind its way through the braid, highlighting every turn. If you already have a gorgeous braid, clip a few flowers from top to bottom to completely transform your look.


While there’s a lot you can do from home, there are some things you need a helping hand to pull off. If you want to not only add flowers to your hair, but potentially turn your entire look floral, set up an appointment with us!