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Everyone enjoys being pampered, right?! And… it’s always fun to do some duo pampering with your beloved.

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Why get facials? Facials are more than simply a bit of indulgence at the salon or spa. Sure, it’s great to be pampered, but getting a facial provides real benefits many aren’t aware of.
Almost every facial provides relaxation. Fruity smells, invigorating salts, enchanting music, and a variety of other components makes a facial one of the most relaxing things a person can do in a half hour. Depending on your taste, some facials may be more or less relaxing than others, but they all tend to get the job done. You will likely leave the salon feeling a bit less stress; less stress equals better health.
A deeper benefit of facials is that they tend to change the look of the skin for the better. Your body’s skin cells are constantly dying and being replaced, and most people retain a layer of dead skin for most of the day. That extra skin is not only really gross, it’s also a source of clogged pores and acne.

A facial clears all that skin away, and actually takes the extra step of cleaning the living cells that you want at the forefront. Oxygen facials are said to help boost the growth of new skin cells, reducing any fine lines that might have emerged. Facials also stimulate the muscles of your face, making them tighten up, producing a younger, firmer look.

When you get a professional facial, you have the benefit of talking to someone who is an expert on skin and is devoting a considerable amount of time to your face. He or she can explain what skin type you have and how to best treat it. Some people ought to use oil-free makeup, others need an extra strong moisturizer. Only by talking about your specific skin type can you hope to make the best decisions for your face.
Regardless of what you hope to get out of it, a facial at the Health and Style Institute can help make you more relaxed, make your skin shine brightly with health, and reduce the appearance of unwanted acne. Come see us together, your special Valentine will thank you!!

HSI_20140129_Kennesaw Open House



Please join us to see our new campus, now open in Kennesaw, Georgia, January 29, 2015, 3:00 to 6:00PM!  This campus consists of a 25,230 square foot cosmetic arts and esthetics complex located on Barrett Parkway, just off of I-75, next to Costco. Program Offerings include Cosmetology, Skin Care Therapy, Nail Care, and Cosmetology Instructor. All programs prepare graduates to pass a Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Licensure Exam.

Enjoy the beat of a live DJ and hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, as well as product and service demonstrations.  We’ll have the Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony, and as if all that’s not enough, there will be fabulous door prizes and give aways!

This red carpet event will be covered by local television and news media, so be sure to dress to impress!

“We are excited about the opportunity to serve the Cobb County community. For a long time, this market has been in need of an upscale, high-energy salon and spa training facility that teaches not only what’s needed to obtain a license to practice in the field of cosmetic arts, but also the latest industry trends and techniques. We are taking the systems, curricula, and student support services that have a proven track record for success in our main campus and bringing them here.”, states Josh Taves, Chief Executive Officer

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Come see us soon; with our evening and Saturday hours, surely there’s a time that can work for you. Walk-ins are welcome, but we encourage making an appointment to avoid a possible wait time. Call 336.885.3452.

Tuesday – Friday 9:00am – 8:30pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm

We may binge on chocolate and margaritas occasionally, but too much of some good things can indeed be too much of a good thing. It’s tough to beat a sugar rush, but just by adding or subtracting a few items from your daily diet, your skin can glow, your nails can grow, and your hair can shine.
Problem: Split ends and weak, breaking nails.
Solution 1: Biotin(aka Vitamin H)
In it’s most extreme form, lack of Biotin can actually cause your hair to fall out! Luckily, you’re probably already eating some helpful food. Stock up on bananas, beans, eggs, peanuts, and salmon.
Solution 2: Protein
Did you know your hair and nails are both protein fibers? Since protein is what they’re made of, it makes sense that more protein will help strengthen both! Fish and eggs have both biotin and protein, so add them to the list with a double underline. Red meat is also a good choice, especially since it also has iron, further bolstering your nail strength.

Problem: Discolored Nails
Solution: Water
Simple, yet effective. Water keeps you hydrated and flushes out any lingering toxins. Those toxins, if left to fester, can build up in the nails and cause a yellowing color. Keep your nails colorless and ready for pristine polish by drinking at least 8 glasses a day.

Problem: Dull Skin
Solution 1: Antioxidants
While regular facials are a great resource for glowing skin, you can eat your way to better skin every day. Your skin is regularly damaged by the sun, pollution, and smoking, so protect it by eating foods rich in antioxidants. Five servings of fruit a day are a great start.
Solution 2: Carotenoids
While carotenoids won’t directly help your skin, they do help your body absorb more antioxidants. That means if you’re not willing to up your fruit intake, eat tomatoes, carrots and bell peppers to make the antioxidants you’re already eating more efficient.

Problem: Dull Hair
Solution 1: Omega-3
Eggs, fish, and fish oil all have large amounts of omega-3 fatty acid. More omega-3 helps your outer layer of skin retain water, strengthening it and giving it more shine. So why is omega-3 in the category of fixing dull hair? Because hair grows from the scalp, getting many of its nutrients from its roots. The stronger and healthier your scalp is, the stronger and shinier your hair will be.
Solution 2: Vitamin A
Vitamin A has the same scalp conditioning properties as omega-3, but can be found in sweeter foods. Apricots, cantaloupe, carrots, mangoes, and sweet potatoes are all rich in Vitamin A, giving your hair the boost it needs.

If you eat a balanced diet, many of these nutrients should already be part of your daily routine. Add a little more to add some shine and strength to your look with minimal extra effort. Ask your stylist for more ideas on how to bring out your very best you.

Spring has sprung, and with it, a quickly changing climate that changes the best way to deal with our hair. Just as seasons change, so too should some of our hair care routines, as we face differently temperatures, humidity levels and other elements that affect our hair.

Moisture Balance

Our hair needs significantly more moisturizing in the cold months than the warm ones. However, that doesn’t mean at the first spring blossom we should ditch the moisturizer entirely. Instead, tone it down a notch by deep conditioning less frequently and by switching from a heavy conditioner to a light one. Every head of hair is different, so you should talk to you stylist at the Health and Style Institute when you suspect your hair of succumbing to humidity. You can also watch for your hair to be a little limper or oilier than it generally is, both of which are signs that you’re over-moisturizing.

Wild Winds

Spring also means windy weather, and that wind can take hold of hair, creating flyaways and messing up our beautiful style. Now is not the time to fight your hair’s natural impulses by making curly hair stick straight or teasing locks into an otherwise straight style. Instead, find looks that work with your natural hair. You can also lean on accessories, using clips, ponytails, and headbands to combat the wind’s wear. Expect whatever hair is left loose to move a bit, so shoot for flowy, natural styles.

Heat Treatment

As the weather heats up, most people spend more time outside, and the sun’s rays are already fairly intense. The extra exposure can damage your hair, creating split ends and making hair duller. Add that to the wind issues and you have a recipe for disaster. However, there are ways to minimize the sun’s damage. When your hair is nearly dry from the blow-dryer, flip the settings to cold air. The chill will close hair cuticles, locking moisture in and making it more difficult for the sun’s rays to enter. You can also buy products that will give an extra layer of protection, like a UV protecting shampoo or weather protecting hair serum. If you color your hair, it is especially important now to use protein treatment so your color won’t fade out.

Deep conditioning treatments can work to minimize any existing damage and protect from future problems. As you spend more time outside, and especially in the pool, visit the salon more frequently since the danger to your hair is increasing.

Making these slight adjustments to your locks care will ensure you’ll go through Spring with a gorgeous head of hair. For more tips on how to keep your hair gorgeous in all seasons, schedule your appointment at the Health and Style Institute today. And take advantage of our fabulous April special: For only $15, you get a Brow Wax, and a Facial-on-the-Go, AND your make up done! Good through April 30, 2014. Call today to schedule: (336) 885-3452.

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We love winter for the steaming hot cups of cocoa, pumpkin pie, and all the wonderful holiday festivities — but not so much the bracing winds, artificial heaters and cold, dry air. In addition to putting away the summer clothes and pulling out the jackets and sweaters, you may also notice your skin feeling a bit dry and tight, your hair dry and lifeless.

It’s not just wardrobe that should be changed with winter; so too does skincare and hair care, and making slight changes can help you maintain a lovely glow and gorgeous locks through winter.


The key to keeping skin healthy during the winter months is to prevent water loss from the skin’s protective barrier (which is called transepidermal water loss). When water is lost from the skin it leads to dry, itchy and irritated skin. The best way to fortify and protect our skin’s moisture barrier is to use a daily lotion or cream that contains key ingredients such as ceramides, hylauronic acid or oatmeal. Apply it liberally morning and night.

During the winter months the ambient humidity drops precipitously. Add large leafy plants indoors. Not only do they brighten up your home, but each time that you water the plants, the water will diffuse through the leaves and into the room, adding much needed moisture.

You can also use a humidifier for added moisture in the air. Not only will your skin feel and look better, but your hair will too.

If you’re a long, hot shower lover, winter is a time to give up that luxury temporarily.  The hot water strips skin and hair of protective natural oils, so turn the temperature down to lukewarm and limit your time in the shower (an egg timer works!) to five minutes.

Many of you are accustomed to hydrating your skin with lotion after washing, but don’t forget that hydration begins in the shower or bath with gentle products that cleanse and moisturize at the same time.

Help keep your mitts supple in cold months by wearing stylish gloves and mittens!

Help keep your mitts supple in cold months by wearing stylish gloves and mittens!


Hair goes dry, weak and brittle during winter, but if you give it the right treatment you’ll lessen those issues. Health and Style Institute has exceptional shampoos and conditioners which aim to protect and heal your hair, and provide added moisturizing while still being right for your hair type.

Continue moisturizing hair, even through cold, wet winter.

Continue moisturizing hair, even through cold, wet winter.

And you still have time to save big with our November special:   Buy 2 Salon Products & Get the 3rd for Free!! The free product must be of equal or lesser value of the highest priced item. Offer expires 11/30/13.

It’s also a huge help to have a moisturizing hair treatment once a month to help repair the effects of winter. Ours start at only $6.00!

Follow these tips to ensure Old Man Winter doesn’t wreak havoc on your skin and hair; you’ll get through winter looking radiant and healthy!



First time consultations with a new hairdresser are much like a first date… unpredictable, but going into it with the right preparation and attitude can lead to a long, happy relationship.  As in all relationships, communication is key.  It’s often joked about that people share just about EVERYTHING with their hairdresser… but to get off in the right groove together, there are a few key things that are important to share initially.

Let your hairdresser know what you love about your hair and what about your hair makes you want to run screaming into traffic.  If you adore the natural red highlights in your blonde hair, a good hairdresser can suggest options that may enhance it.  On the other hand, if the skinny, lifeless braid you’re sporting has always had you yearning for thicker, more voluminous hair, by all means, speak up.  There’s a lot a great hairdresser can do with cut and texturizing to add volume and body.  However, be realistic; if you’ve tresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, you won’t leave with hair to rival Kim Kardashian’s thick locks.

Be clear about the things that you vehemently dislike.  If short hair isn’t your thing, no matter how much it might flatter your face, or how fabulous a short cut you’d get, you’ll probably never like it.  Don’t mince words about your “no-way, never”s.  But also be willing to listen to suggestions and know what you’d be open to considering, even if it’s something entirely new for you.

You’ll love your hair more if it really suits your lifestyle and schedule.  If there already aren’t enough hours in your day, a wash and go style, or one that requires very little time to look good is ideal.  Let your hairdresser know how much or how little daily time you have – or care — to spend on your hair.  As well as what tools and products you already have.  They can work with you to teach you how to emulate the look you leave the salon with, often using the tools you already have.

Follow these tips and you may find it’s the start of a beautiful relationship!