no need to stay out of the water this summer, follow these hair care tips to keeps your locks looking fab


It’s summertime, we’ve found the perfect swimsuit that flatters our fab shape, but we know you ladies can relate… nothing keeps us out of the pool or lake more than fretting about messing up our do, right?

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get your water babe on, while still keeping your tresses looking great and staying healthy.

First off, before you even head towards the pool or beach, do 3 things.  Wet your hair and apply your favorite conditioner.  Then braid or bun your hair.  Doing the combination of these two things will minimize the absorption of chlorine or salt water into your hair shaft.  Lastly, toss a can of club soda into your beach bag — more later as to why!

After swimming, try to rinse your hair out with fresh water as soon as possible. Many beaches and pools have outdoor showers; jump in it and rinse, rinse, rinse away.  Letting the pool or sea water dry in your hair is when damage occurs.  Sea minerals and chlorine are drying to your tresses, and chlorine will form crystals in your hair shaft as it dries, eventually expanding and then breaking your hair shaft.

Remember that can of club soda you brought along in your beach accouterment?  To step it up a notch in removing sea minerals and chlorine, rinse your hair in club soda, followed by rinsing in fresh water.

And dare we suggest it?  A swim cap over your pre-conditioned tresses, while not glam, will provide you the ultimate protection.

Okay, race you to the pool….