You’ve found a fantastic color for your hair.  But you’re feeling it needs a little oomph.  Before you go running off to the salon, this will give you some idea of what your options are.

Let’s start by talking about what these treatments are in general.  Both take bunches of hair and color those a different shade than your primary hair color.  They can be used with dying, with your natural hair color, or with each other – and every combination would give you a unique look.


Good news for all you brunettes and red heads:  highlights aren’t just blonde streaks!  Instead, it’s dying strands of hair at least two shades lighter than your primary color.  This means you can keep the color you want and can just have lighter, complimentary strands with it.

If you want a really light look, you can go three shades lighter than your primary color. More than that and you won’t have a naturally sun-kissed look; you’ll have two completely different hair colors.

For a really dramatic look, many people use “chunks” of highlights, which are really just thick areas of hair that have been highlighted.  The thicker your highlights, the more obvious and less natural looking they’ll be.  The thinner, the more natural.  If you want a subtle look, ask your stylist at Health and Style Institute to go for “contrast.”

If you want to change your hair color, highlighting can be the way to go.  Just widen the highlighted area a little more every time you go to Health and Style Institute, and you’ll have a completely lighter hair color before you know it.


These are the often misunderstood and misused treatment of the coloring world.  Luckily, Health and Style Institute stylists knows just what they are and how to use them.

Lowlighting is basically highlighting, but you go darker instead of lighter.  Your lowlights are 2-3 shades darker than your primary color.  If you color your hair, lowlights are fantastic at making your new color blend with the old.  When your darker, natural hair starts showing at the roots, it looks like it’s just complimenting your lowlights.

If your hair’s a little on the thin side, lowlights on the underside of your hair can give the illusion of depth and dimension.  It’s basically creating shadows where none exist.


Sounds crazy and vampire-ish, right?  Nothing so scary.  Trilights are just a combination of coloring, highlights, and lowlights.  It creates an incredibly dramatic look sure to make you stand out in the crowd.  However, please do not try this at home.  It’s complicated and easy to give yourself a freak-ish color.  Instead, visit the Health and Style Institute so the professionals can give you the look you want.

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