Health & Style Institute Beauty Bites



You’re likely already sporting fab new sunglasses and summery sandals, and do a daily slathering of higher SPF, right?  But have you freshened up your beauty collection?  These tips will get you headed in the right direction for summer.

Be Realistic

You know that metallic blue liquid eyeliner you’ve been hoarding for 5 years? It may be time to have a think about whether you’re actually going to go all catwalk-chic with graphic liner any time soon. It’s nice to have the option of a pop of color, but there’s quite likely a good reason you haven’t used it since the day you bought it – not every trend suits every person, and if you’re just not keen on it, why not make way for some new pieces that you’ve been lusting after instead?

Think Hygiene

Let’s face it – old makeup is pretty gross. Bacteria is a real beauty no-no, and unfortunately quite a bit of it can be found amongst those unloved eyeshadows, lipsticks and concealers sitting at the bottom of your make up bag. If you’re in need of that extra push to say goodbye to some old favorites, use the hygiene card as your motivation to clean things up and invest in some new key pieces. As a guide, most products have a ‘use after opening’ number on them – this is how many months you should keep an item for before throwing it away.

Be Ruthless

Before you start to freshen your make up collection, set yourself some guidelines and stick to them. For example, if you haven’t worn a particular beauty item for a good 12 months (and it’s not really your thing anymore), get rid of it. Those magazine freebies you thought you might try out that have been sitting in your bag forever? If you’re not going to use them soon, admit defeat and pass them along to a friend (provided they’re unopened and in date) and de-clutter your space.

One In, One Out

If your make up collection has got a little out of hand (no judgment – we’re all beauty junkies here!) then why not adopt a ‘one in, one out’ system for cleaning your make up bag? That way, you don’t have to commit to getting rid of lots of products at once…but for every new item you buy, you say goodbye to an old one.

There are all kinds of fabulous new products each season, have fun freshening up your collection.  And if you find something you love, but aren’t quite sure exactly how to best use it or get the look you’re after, come see us at either of our two locations – our makeup application starts at only $9!



From eyeliner that makes you look tired to blush shades that make you look like a Las Vegas showgirl, we’ve all been guilty of a makeup faux pas at one time or another. These tips will help you improve your overall beauty game.

Two of the first mistakes you might be making happens before you even put your makeup on. Always, always start with your best face possible, which means two things: First and foremost, get periodic facials – monthly if you can swing it. With our February special, our Facial on the Go is buy one get one FREE!! Good through 2/28/15. Call today to schedule at either of our two locations! Regular facials keep your complexion in it’s optimum shape, and thus a beautiful blank canvas for any makeup you choose.

Secondly, always use a thin layer of primer on your skin. Not only does this keep your makeup from wearing off, it also fills in any fine lines your foundation may settle into and emphasize lines and wrinkles.

Trying to hide dark circles can backfire. The natural tendency is to use a too-light concealer which makes your makeup look caked on and even creates the illusion of under-eye bags. Instead, try applying a pink-toned concealer before you put on foundation.

Choosing the wrong foundation shade is also an easy area to blunder. If you test colors on your wrist while standing in the drugstore aisle, you’re doing it all wrong. Test a swatch on a clean face and make sure to look at it in natural light to determine the best option for you.

A stroke of eyeliner can transform the entire look of your eye, both shape and size. That means if done incorrectly, it can make your eyes look small and tired. A thick, black eyeliner on the lower waterline weighs down the eye and may end up making you look like a raccoon. For day, try replacing your black pencil with a nude one so that eyes pop and look wide-awake.

Back in the day, blush shades were bright and sparkly. File that under things better left in the past. Cool colors and bright pinks look costumey and unnatural. Get a youthful, healthy flush by applying a warm-toned blush on the apples of your cheeks and blending it out toward the temples.

We are constantly on the go and rarely take the extra few seconds necessary to make our makeup look flawless. Case in point: applying lipstick without lining the mouth first. Skipping a lip liner can make your pout look straight and lifeless and can allow lipstick to feather at the edges. Make sure to get a crisp look by lining all the way around the lips, emphasizing the Cupid’s bow. On the other hand, a liner shouldn’t LOOK like a liner. The color should be one that blends in nicely with your lip color, and doesn’t stand out on its own.

Health and Style Institute offers makeup application, starting at only $9.00. Come see us, we’ll show you how to implement these tips for your most flawless you!


Are You a Cosmetics Clown?

The sexiest makeup is the application that enhances your natural beauty, not SCREAMS, “I’m wearing a ton of makeup!”  Exaggerated or sloppy lip liner, clumpy mascara, and caked foundation, are for the stage, not every day life.  Following these tips can help you be a makeup maven, rather than mishap.

Along with spandex and big hair, dark lip liner with light lip color is one look that should have stayed in the 80s. Choose lip liner in a shade close to your natural lip color. Line and color in your pucker, then top with sheer gloss.  If you use dark liner, like a red or berry shade, fill in your mouth completely, and then top with clear gloss, not a light lipstick.  And remember what you learned in kindergarten still holds true: Coloring outside the lines is sloppy. Don’t extend beyond your natural lip line.

The “cat-eye” (or Cleopatra) effect with eye makeup is sultry, but not if you go overboard.  Extend the line no farther than a quarter inch past your eye (or just a tad bit farther for a more dramatic look), and at the outer edge, subtly slant the line upward.

For long, clump-free lashes, before you apply, wipe the mascara wand against the opening of the tube to get rid of any excess.  Wiggling the wand from side to side, from the base of your lashes to the tips, is the way to avoid clumps.  If clumps remain, before the mascara dries, comb through your lashes with an old toothbrush or an eyelash comb to separate them and get rid of the gunk.

Suffocating your skin with a heavy cover-up will only draw attention to the problem you’re trying to hide. Instead, try these tricks: For fine lines: Mix in a little moisturizer with your foundation, which will prevent the formula from seeping into the lines.  For blemishes: Mineral makeup can give great coverage for pockmarks and acne.

Do Your Locks Resemble a Witch or Scarecrow’s?


Heat can be one of your hair’s biggest foes.  Styling tools (i.e. flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers) apply high levels of heat directly to the hair. Unprotected hair or hair that is subjected to such heat will eventually have its cuticle layer damaged by the excessive heat. The cuticle layer covers the shaft of the hair strand and protects your hair fibers.

For hair that is already heat damaged to the extent of split ends, and broken hair, regular trims are essential… and the only effective means of remedying those issues.


Once you’ve gotten rid of those split ends and have begun a good hair care regimen, prevention against further or ongoing damage is key.  If you must use heat, use a heat or thermal protector, which work by forming heat absorbing polymers around the hair. Many thermal protectors also use protein as reinforcement against protein breakdown in the hair by heat.

Cutting back on how often you use heat styling helps.  Your Health and Style Institute stylists can show you other options for styling your hair, and still look fab; from braids, casual updos, and making the most of your own hair texture and body with the right products and regular trims and shaping.  Call us today for help to keep the ghoulishness out of your glam!