With the holidays come many festive outings:  endless holiday parties and spontaneous get togethers for some shared cheer. Once you’ve mapped out your hair, nails, and outfits for each shindig, put together a mini emergency kit for your holiday clutch, small lifesavers for a night out. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst with these:

Stay Fresh

Dancing all night is great for the soul, but definitely can do a number on your dewy look. The remedy? A compact of powder and  Smith’s RoseBud Salve Tube ($6 at Anthropologie), available in an easy-to-tote slender tube. Treat everything from shoe blisters and dry hands to hair fly-aways and skin irritation to last-minute tweezer burns and any accidental scrapes (ahem, your graceful tumble out of the cab, etc.) with this teensy tube. It also makes an awesome lip balm!


Don’t be the girl walking around with eggnog down the front of her dress.  Instead, pull out your tide-to-go pen and dab away the mess.  Be careful though – this doesn’t work on all fabrics, so if you’re having a fancy night, be sure to check the label first.

Fashion Tape

So useful in so many situations.  Dancing jiggles more than your hair (think strapless dress malfunctions), but a little fashion tape will make sure everything stays where it should.  By keeping it in your purse, you only have to use it when and where you need it.

You can also use this as a make-shift hem.  If your dress is longer than you would like, instantly hem it using fashion tape to bring it to where you want it.  It’s also great for cleaning up lint, pet hair, and anything else that you’d rather not have on your outfit.


There will be mistletoe.  Need we say more?  Stay away from gum — mints will do the trick without coming off impolite.

Crazy Glue

If your outfit’s bedazzled in rhinestones and sequins, don’t expect them all to make it through the night.  Once you catch a gem threatening to leave your outfit behind, keep it still with some crazy glue.  It can also come in handy if heels or straps break.

To make your holiday party one-of-a-kind, stop by the Health and Style Institute for a unique and creative holiday look, our Salon Menu.