Taking care of your hair is a bit like gardening. You have to nourish and protect it with GOOD products, keep it trimmed, and make sure it doesn’t go to seed. We’re here to help.

Do you ever get your hair done professionally, and then wonder why you can’t get quite the same look at home?  Sure, you may have to practice the particular styling techniques, but another big culprit is often the products you’re using… or more accurately, not using.

Your hairdresser encourages buying and using professional products primarily because they’re better for your hair’s health, and depending upon your specific style, may be the “magic” that makes the difference between how you look walking out of the salon, vs. when you DIY.  Many folks simply don’t understand that it’s the GREAT products making that difference.

The truth is salon products have much more of the necessary vitamins and proteins your hair needs to maintain and restore its health. Store-bought products realized this and began advertising “Hey! No need to pay for that bottle of salon product! We have the good stuff in ours!”  when really they should have said, “Hey we placed a microscopic pinch of that essential ingredient in our product and are now going to act like it will make a difference on your hair!”

While Health and Style Institute’s salon services are mind-boggling affordable, you’re still spending money for that trendy new cut or gorgeous fall color… so why jeopardize that fabulousity by using drugstore shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to save a few bucks?


Your stylist can tell you exactly what you need to nourish and maintain your hair —and save you from playing the drugstore guessing game and compromising your fab new look and hair’s health.


And there’s still a bit of time left to take advantage of our October special and save BIG:  get a FREE pedicure with the purchase of products or services totaling over $20.00. This offer is good 10/01/13 through 10/31/13. Qualifying free pedicure vouchers will be issued for use on your next visit and are valid through 11/30/13. They may not be combined with any other offer.