Now that you’ve exchanged the flannel jammies your aunt bought you for a sexy sequined New Year’s Eve top, it’s time to address your hairstyle for the special night. Whether you’ll be on the dance floor all evening, or something a bit more mellow, these easy no-fuss looks are ideal for any type of celebration.

Side Ponytail

It’s not just for the ‘80’s anymore.  Coupled with some dazzling curls and resting softly on your shoulder, a side ponytail is a fantastic combination of sleek and playful.  The longer your hair, the better the look, and simply swirl curls down your shoulder.

Tight Curls

For a splash of spunk, try tight curls.  If you’re planning on dancing, these curls will bounce in time with the music, giving you even more pizazz than you normally have.  Plus, because these locks look great even after they’ve moved around, you don’t have to worry about keeping a complicated look going through the night.  Just bring some spray to keep frizz under control.


Messy Up-Do

To keep your hair off your neck, try pinning it in a messy up do.  Be sure to include enough pins that it’ll keep its basic shape, but a few locks coming loose will just look like part of the style.  Especially try framing your face with some straight, sleek strands to really emphasize your cheeks and eyes.




Uneven Lengths

Love being the center of attention?  Hair that is different lengths on each side is sure to catch some eyes.  If you want to avoid cutting your hair this way, try a deep side part.  By putting most of your hair to one side, you create the illusion of different lengths, and you can play with the longer side by straightening, curling, braiding, or anything else you’d like to do to add personality.



Hair Accessories

With the myriad glitzy hair clips, jeweled headbands, and tons of other beautiful hair accessories, you can add instant glam to any style.

For an easy boost of length, clip in some longer hair with hair extensions.  You can make the hair the same as your color, or make it contrast for an extra bit of spirit.  Clip in a brighter color under your hair so the contrast exists as just a hint – make onlookers want to find where that brightness is coming from.


For more tips on special event hair, or to schedule an appointment, contact the Health and Style Institute today.