Ahhhhhhh… 4th of July holiday weekend. It’s 90 degrees in the shade, your hair has puffed out like a cotton ball, and everyone is snapping pictures with their smartphone. How can you look hot—not bothered—during one of the stickiest, most Instagrammed holidays of the year?

Protect Thyself

Invest in a mattifying sunscreen. A particularly good one is Neutrogena Active Breathable. A good sunscreen both protects your skin as well as will help keep heat induced oiliness soaked up and in check.


Makeup + Heat = A Tough Combination

If you just simply can’t fathom the idea of going completely free of makeup, go much lighter on it than usual. Tinted moisturizers or powder foundations are a more heat resistant option than regular foundation, which is prone to melting off as you sweat. Set the tinted moisturizer in place with a light brushing of an oil-absorbing setting powder over your entire face. Loose powder tends to look the most natural. And stash a couple of  blotting papers into your handbag or pocket, they work wonders absorbing the oils that the heat may exacerbate.  Ditch the blush, the heat will likely give you a natural pinkish glow anyway.


Waterproof mascara is your friend – even consider a pop of colored mascara.  And if you insist on eye shadow, stick to powder eye shadows unless you use a primer. With primer, you can use whatever you like, because it will keep eye makeup from fading off. This also prevents eyeliner transfer.

Finish off with a swipe of lightweight gloss or tinted lip balm that contains SPF, and as with sunscreen, reapply as needed.

For hair, go natural… or up!

Heat styling in the summer is kind of useless because humidity undoes it. If you still must straighten, invest in a really high quality, high heat ceramic flatiron. This, combined with a very light shine serum, will keep hair from looking as frizzy. Don’t overdose on ‘smoothing’ products, as they will only make hair oilier and limper looking. If oiliness is the problem, start using a shampoo with tea tree oil, which is a natural scalp regulator. Don’t condition the roots, and cut down on styling products. For natural waves or curls, just try using a lightweight gel.  Come see us at either of our two locations, we can hook you up with the prefect products for your summer locks!

There are so many ways to wear your hair up too, get playful! A great topknot and scarf or flower crown, or braids always looks stylish.

Now… throw on a fabulous pair of sunnies and a cute hat or visor and you’re all set for a beautiful day – enjoy the holiday weekend!