Get – and Keep – Your Glow On at Any Age!

Our skin is the part of us that interacts most with the outside world.  It’s no wonder that as we age, the environment, various products, and even our facial expressions can affect both its strength and overall look.  We all know it’s important to care for our skin, but what that means depends in ...

Beach to Ballroom

Summer is the time to soak in the sunshine. So what do you do to turn your sun-kissed look into something suitable for a night out on the town? Here are some fun and informal ways to turn your look from day to night with a few must-have items. Flowing maxi dress Just because you are ...

Facials: More than Just a Day at the Spa

The Health and Style Institute excels at providing fantastic facials.  But many people don’t know the true benefits that getting a facial actually offers. Relaxation Almost every facial provides relaxation.  Fruity smells, invigorating salts, enchanting music, and a variety of other components makes a facial one of the most relaxing things a person can do in ...

Dressing Your Tresses

Yes, you can still wear hair accessories without looking like your niece…  or Shirley Temple.  They’re a quick, easy, and often pretty inexpensive way to change up your look a bit, or take a ho-hum hair day to a feeling pretty fly hair day!  Hair accessories have moved beyond the ribbons at the end of ...

To Weave or Not To Weave?

Hair weaves have been getting more and more popular since the 1950’s.  They add volume, length, and even change the color of hair without all the harsh chemicals.  But you still don’t know whether you should get one and if you do, what type you should get… or did you not even know there ...

Facials… More Than a Mere Indulgence!

Many people think of facials as an occasional indulgence, something to be done in preparation for a “special time”, i.e. before a wedding or other special event. But would you live on junk food and never exercise and expect to be in your best shape? The same logic applies to your skin: If you don’t maintain it with regular facials and good skin care, your skin is not going to look it’s very best –period. Sure, you might prefer spending money on a new pair of shoes, the to-die-for dress you saw online yesterday, or your morning lattes. But nothing on you is more visible than your face… if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your complexion is the window to your health and beauty. Get that window glowing!
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Battling the Holiday Bulge

Vvvvvvt!  Yep… that was your willpower heading straight out the window, normal though frustrating this time of the year. Between cocktail parties, holiday cookie baking, and a decreased amount of free time to hit the gym due to all those aforementioned fêtes, many find it difficult to battle the bulge come the holidays.  Here, ...

Fuzz is so cute…when it’s on a baby chick!

How glorious it feels to have smooth legs! The unfortunate thing about shaving is you have to continue to do it on a very regular basis. Okay, it’s really not that big of a deal, right? You spend an extra 10-15 minutes getting ready. So what? Well, there’s also in-grown hairs (like the horribly ...

Spring Trends to Try Now!

A brighter—and warmer—season is about upon us: Spring!  And with it, we’ll see an underlying feeling of effortlessness, where even bright pops of color seem to be brushed on with a blithe, unhurried hand. These looks are sure to coax us into dusting off our makeup brushes and emerging from our cold-induced beauty rut. From the ...

Dress to Impress and Join Us January 29th on the Red Carpet!!

Please join us to see our new campus, now open in Kennesaw, Georgia, January 29, 2015, 3:00 to 6:00PM!  This campus consists of a 25,230 square foot cosmetic arts and esthetics complex located on Barrett Parkway, just off of I-75, next to Costco. Program Offerings include Cosmetology, Skin Care Therapy, Nail Care, and Cosmetology Instructor. All programs prepare ...
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