Top Reasons To Become A Cosmetologist

Top Reasons To Become A Cosmetologist

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What Do You Need to Know Before Becoming a Cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist helps instill confidence in their clients. A flick of a brush or a lift of hairspray can reveal a client’s inner and outer beauty. Working with hair unlocks beauty secrets that most people don’t have access to. Before launching into a career as a hairdresser, here are a few things you should know.

Cosmetology Careers

What to Expect in a Cosmetology Career

Cosmetology is an exciting career, with a wide range of specialties. But whether you’re planning on becoming a makeup artist or an esthetician, there are a few things that you’ll have to do after completing a training program. Here are a few tips that will help you transition seamlessly into a successful career in practicing

5 Secrets to Help You Succeed in Beauty School

5 Secrets To Help You Succeed In Beauty School

Beauty school can help you get started in a fun and rewarding career. If you plan to join a beauty school, it is essential to know that loving the program will make your school life a success. Before choosing a beauty school program, remember that your success in cosmetology depends on finding a good beauty

4 Career Opportunities for Licensed Cosmetologists

4 Career Opportunities For Licensed Cosmetologists

When people hear the words “beauty industry,” most tend to think of hair salons and hair styling. But the world of cosmetology is so much bigger than that. Today, cosmetologists don’t just work in hair salons. A licensed cosmetologist can find themselves working in fashion, advertising, journalism and many other unexpected industries. If you’re interested

Are you ready for Cosmetology School? Contact Health and Style Institute at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information about our programs!

Are You Ready For Cosmetology School?

Are you constantly watching hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube? Do you have a large beauty board you’re constantly adding to on Pinterest? Maybe it’s time to consider enrolling at Health and Style Institute. We offer five programs, each of which are designed to prepare our students for the salon and spa industry: Cosmetology, Makeup, Skin Care Therapy, Salon and Spa Leadership and Teacher Training. Contact us today at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information on our Cosmetology programs!

What I Learned About Myself by Becoming a Cosmetologist | Health and Style | Contact Health and Style Institute at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information on our Cosmetology program.

What I Learned About Myself by Becoming a Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist\'s work is to enhance their client\'s appearance. The journey of becoming a cosmetologist starts with Health and Style Institute. This is the place you get to learn the fundamentals of styling, permanent waving, manicuring, makeup and all other skills you need to become a professional. Having worked as a cosmetologist ...
10 Skills Every Cosmetologist Should Master | Learn more information about Health & Style's Cosmetology program by calling us today at 1-844-94-STYLE.

10 Skills Every Cosmetologist Should Master

Joining a cosmetology program is not all about studying beauty regimens or developing passion and talent in the art. You need to acquire additional skills to ensure you land and maintain as many clients as you can. A good reputation is vital to help boost your career to a whole new level. Here are 8 skills every

Learn about unique cosmetology jobs at Health and Style Institute

Unique Cosmetology Jobs

The cosmetology industry contains a wide array of jobs. From a theatre cosmetologist to applying wedding makeup, there is always a job available that will keep you on your toes. See this list of unique jobs related to the cosmetology and the beauty industry.