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Are You Ready For Cosmetology School?

Are you ready for Cosmetology School? Contact Health and Style Institute at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information about our programs!

Are You Ready For Cosmetology School?

Are you constantly watching hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube? Do you have a large beauty board you’re constantly adding to on Pinterest? Maybe it’s time to consider enrolling at Health and Style Institute. We offer five programs, each of which are designed to prepare our students for the salon and spa industry:

  • Cosmetology
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Skin Care Therapy
  • Salon and Spa Leadership
  • Teacher Training

It’s possible you’ve wanted to own your own hair salon or you’ve always dreamed of doing makeup for brides on their wedding day. However, to make these dreams come true, you must obtain your cosmetology or esthetician license. So, what are the signs you’re ready for cosmetology school?

Are you a hands-on learner?

At Health and Style Institute, we provide a well rounded lifestyle education. You are exposed to three training components throughout your program.

  1. Lecture and classroom discussion
  2. Practical Experience – Salon Work
  3. Assessment Testing

Majority of your time will be spent on practical experience because it is critical in ensuring you’re not only prepared with theoretical knowledge but also with the ability to implement your skills in a real-world setting. As a cosmetology student, you’ll have plenty of practice time with mannequins, classmates and eventually clients and guests.

Do you enjoy spending a lot of time with other people?

Being friendly and sociable is a large part of being a cosmetologist. You’ll be working with people your whole career and to keep clients coming back, you should find ways to connect with each client individually.

Do you keep up with the always changing beauty trends?

Beauty trends are always changing and it’s pertinent you’re keeping up with these trends. Each year, new hairstyles, skincare trends and nail designs come into play. So, as a cosmetologist, it’s your job to keep up!

Are you motivated?

This is very important. If you’re not motivated or dedicated to making your dreams a reality, cosmetology school may become difficult. You learn a lot quickly but if you have passion for the craft, you should have the drive and focus you need to succeed.

Earn Your Cosmetology License at Health and Style Institute

Are you ready to obtain the license you need to fulfill your passion? Health and Style Institute is ready to help. Contact us today at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information on our Cosmetology programs!

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