If you’ve been on team natural for a while and are considering a change to relaxed hair, there are some things to consider before making the switch.

Why do you want to relax?  Tired of spending entire weekends doing your own box braids or Havana twists?  Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try a cute cropped Malinda Williams cut?  A relaxer is a great option in either situation.  It’ll eliminate all the braiding and twist time, and is your best bet for keeping a short cropped ‘do, or many other styles, fresh and easy to manipulate.


Why did you go natural in the first place?  Were you curious about natural hair and wanted to try something new? Or was your hair damaged and in need of a break from chemicals? The good news is, it is absolutely possible to boast healthy chemically straightened tresses.  You simply need to find an amazing stylist (that’s where WE come in!) and be willing to learn and adopt healthy hair habits, i.e. using the right good products, etc.

Which leads us to, what is the current condition of your hair?  If your natural hair isn’t in the best shape, you’d be best off to delay a change to relaxed hair, and work for a while getting your hair healthier.  We can help you speed up that process with very affordable regular conditioning treatments and again, GOOD products. (Do you see a pattern here?  ;) )

Come see us at either of our two locations. We can analyze your hair and help you determine if your hair is ready for a change from natural to relaxed, and if not, get you on a plan to get there!