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Woman applying moisturizer

Skin Types: What Makeup Artists Need To Know

Being a makeup artist is about more than just applying products. It’s about understanding the “canvas” for the art: the skin.
For makeup artists, having a solid understanding of different skin types is a prerequisite for the craft. Each skin type has its own characteristics and requires different care and products to ensure the makeup not only looks good but also promotes skin health.

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How Instructors Can Help Students Learn Good Mental Health Habits

Cosmetologists, makeup artists, barbers, and skin care therapists all need to practice good mental health habits to keep burnout at bay and hold on to their passion for the profession. As an instructor, instilling these habits is just as important as the technical skills that you teach.

Cosmetology Careers

How To Make Your Cosmetology Portfolio

Getting ahead in the beauty industry takes more than skills — you need a way to show them off. That\’s where a cosmetology portfolio comes in. It’s a “highlight reel” of your work that shows potential clients and employers just what you can do.

A baaber is cutting hair

Barbering Basics: Beard And Mustache Trims

However, the expertise of modern barbers needs to extend far beyond this into the finer points of men\’s grooming, particularly the art of beard and mustache maintenance. The barbering program at Health and Style Institute can equip you with the skills you need to succeed as a barber in the contemporary market.

Woman removing mask from face after massage

Skin Care Therapy Specialties

An esthetician is a professional who focuses on skin beautification. Their work involves improving skin health through treatments like facials and exfoliations, and they often help with managing skin issues such as acne or dryness. In this article, we\’ll discuss the different types of specialties and jobs within the esthetician field.

Two women are doing a client's makeup

Essential Skills for Cosmetology Instructors

An effective instructor in the fields of cosmetology, barbering, skin care, or makeup needs a range of instructional and interpersonal skills to prepare students for success.

Eyeshadow Pallet on a Black Case

9 Reasons To Become A Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist is more than just a job — you are in the business of boosting confidence and self-expression and creating memorable moments for your clients. Every day presents new opportunities to make someone feel more beautiful, confident, and special. Your job will be at the heart of the beauty and fashion industry, creating looks for photoshoots, fashion shows, weddings, and much more.


Common Problems Salon Managers Need To Watch Out For

As a salon manager, you need to have a sharp eye for problems that may not be obvious but can seriously impact your salon\’s operations and reputation with customers. The reality is that the smallest lapse in service quality has the potential to result in lost clients.

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