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Become Your Own Boss Through Cosmetology Instructor Training

Beauty schoolteachers pass on their knowledge to students. A great way to expand your cosmetology knowledge and skills is to become a licensed cosmetology/skin care instructor. If you have a passion for cosmetology/skin care and teaching, then becoming a licensed teacher might be the right path for you.

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Five Benefits of Skin Care Therapy

Skin care therapy can make people feel and look incredible. Techniques such as facials and facial massages have both physical and mental benefits. Below are just a few of the benefits of skin care therapy. Reduces Appearance of Wrinkles Both facials and face massages are proven anti-aging methods. When tension is released from the face,

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How to Build a Makeup Artist Portfolio

Portfolios play a key role in starting your career as a makeup artist. They’re a powerful tool to attract clients and employers. Freelancers and counter professionals alike will find value in creating a makeup artist portfolio. Here’s what you need to know before you start creating your own. Why a Makeup Artistry Portfolio is Important


How to Solve Common Spa Management Issues

Spa management offers independence and creativity. Creating a relaxing environment with great service involves strong communication and problem-solving skills. Sometimes managing this environment can be stressful, but the proper training can help managers be successful.                 Here are five common issues spa managers deal with and possible solutions: Difficulty Booking Appointments                 Spa professionals are


A Cosmetologist’s Guide to Personal Branding

A strong personal brand has the power to turn a local cosmetologist into an influencer. Licensed cosmetologists are able to stand out and attract potential employers and clients when they utilize their brand. Here’s a few tips to turn your cosmetology career into a global brand. Create a Cosmetologist Website                 Personal websites are essential

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How to Retain Long-Term Salon & Spa Employees

Salons and spas often experience high employee turnover among stylists. Good communication skills are the key to creating long-lasting relationships with both employees and clients. Below are some tips to retain salon employees. Improve Brand Image Potential employees research the spas they apply for. A few branding updates salon managers can make include: Have engaging

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What Do You Need to Know Before Becoming a Cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist helps instill confidence in their clients. A flick of a brush or a lift of hairspray can reveal a client’s inner and outer beauty. Working with hair unlocks beauty secrets that most people don’t have access to. Before launching into a career as a hairdresser, here are a few things you should know.

Cosmetology Careers

What to Expect in a Cosmetology Career

Cosmetology is an exciting career, with a wide range of specialties. But whether you’re planning on becoming a makeup artist or an esthetician, there are a few things that you’ll have to do after completing a training program. Here are a few tips that will help you transition seamlessly into a successful career in practicing

Cosmetology School

Cosmetology Instructor Job Outlook

If you are passionate about cosmetology and wish to make money training others to help people look their best, you may consider pursuing a career as a cosmetology instructor today. This career guide will explore the job description, median salary, and career requirements for a successful career as a cosmetology instructor. We will provide employment

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