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Required Skills to Be a Cosmetology Instructor

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Required Skills to Be a Cosmetology Instructor

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You’re going to need more than a passion for the beauty industry to teach. Here are the skills that you need to pass that love onto students.

Intrapersonal Skills for Beauty School Teachers

  • Empathy: It’s easy to get frustrated when assignments are turned in or when students lash out. Don’t let these feelings take control. Instead, reach out and listen to struggling students. Understanding their problems allows you to create a solution.
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  • Flexibility: Find out that you’re out of the shampoo that you were planning to use in today’s lesson? Not a problem if you’re mentally flexible! Expect the unexpected so that you can quickly change course when something comes up.
  • Encouragement: You know from experience that messing up a client’s hair is part of the learning process. However, your students don’t. When they make mistakes, you need to be the cheerleader that encourages them to keep going.
  • Public Speaking: A shaky voice makes even the most tested methods sound risky. Public speaking skills allow you to project your lessons with confidence. If you’re uncomfortable speaking in public, practice in front of friends. This will get you comfortable speaking in front of people, and their feedback will prove valuable.
  • Mastering Body Language: Speaking is only half of the battle. Folded arms show that you’re uncomfortable and make students uncomfortable too. It’s the little things, like eye contact, that put students at ease.
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Teaching Knowledge for Cosmetology Instructors

  • Lesson Planning: Your students have a vision. Your class needs to have one too to help them succeed. Clear learning objectives laid out in a realistic timeline will help everyone, including you, succeed.
  • Knowledge of Safety Procedures: Creating experimental makeup looks is fun, but you’re playing with some dangerous ingredients. Understanding safety procedures protects your students and prevents your employer from getting in legal hot water.
  • Practical Application Plans: Traditional lectures can’t be your only teaching method. Beauty instructors need to create lessons that give students the chance to test their skills. You’ll also need to have the objectivity to fairly evaluate students’ work.
  • Industry Law Knowledge: Every state has different beauty industry regulations. Find out what certifications your students need, what products are banned, and other beauty-related laws. Not the most fun to study, but these laws are important to understand if you want to avoid getting in trouble.
  • Maintaining Student Records: Your students will need their records when applying for jobs. Keeping track of student work will legitimize their ability to future employers. These records also help you grade your students’ work and create constructive feedback.
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Cosmetology Skills for Beauty School Instructors

  • Skincare: Your students need to customize skincare routines to suit their clients’ needs. You need to understand which products should treat which issues. Keep up with the industry and update your lessons to reflect new discoveries.
  • Makeup: Don’t be surprised if you see your students recreate some of your looks on themselves! Students crave an in-depth understanding of products that they can’t get from YouTube videos. Satisfy their thirst for knowledge by passing on your makeup knowledge.
  • Special Occasion Looks: Clients want to feel their best inside and out during special occasions. Your students must create amazing looks that last all night and skincare solutions that linger long after. You need to dedicate some of your lessons to these specialized looks.
  • Nail Artistry: A manicure makes every hand beautiful, whether they’re moving boxes or typing on a laptop. The right techniques help their beauty endure. Understanding them will help your students develop a loyal client base.
  • Hairdressing: Hairdressing combines dying, cutting and styling. Your students need to understand how these parts work together before their hands touch a client’s hair. This is where practical application lessons are the most needed.
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