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Become Your Own Boss Through Cosmetology Instructor Training

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Become Your Own Boss Through Cosmetology Instructor Training

Beauty school teachers pass on their knowledge to students. A great way to expand your cosmetology knowledge and skills is to become a licensed cosmetology/skin care instructor.  If you have a passion for cosmetology/skin care and teaching, then becoming a licensed teacher might be the right path for you.

What You Learn in Instructor Training

            Health and Style’s cosmetology or skin care education training prepares students to become state-certified beauty lecturers. The program requires 150 hours of beauty school lectures and 650 hours of guided practice teaching. The 800-hour program combines lectures, hands-on learning, and spa management activities.

You will come out of the program prepared to teach your favorite makeup tips and skincare secrets. Licensed instructors can become beauty school directors, specialty product educators, and more!

How to Become a Cosmetology or Skin Care Instructor

            Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in HSI’s Cosmetology Teacher Training program. Along with this, the student must also already have a cosmetology or skin care license. You can become a licensed cosmetologist or skin care therapist through HSI’s Cosmetology program or HSI’s Skin Care Therapy Program.

            Once the program is finished, students go on to pursue their licenses. Students in the Greensboro cosmetology program must pass the State Board Exam conducted by theNorth Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. Those in Kennesaw and Atlanta beauty schools must earn a license through the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers.

Cosmetology Educator Skills

            Critical cosmetology skills needed to pass the State Board exam include:

  • Salon Experience: Cosmetology teachers need experience before getting into the classroom. That’s why HSI’s beauty schoolteacher training has hands-on training that replicates the reality of lecturing! Come out of the program with the knowledge of how to teach beauty courses.
  • Management Skills: Planning on using your cosmetology license to operate a personal beauty business? You’ll need administrative skills for managing store operations and employees. Practice these skills as a student by organizing your study schedule and personal budget.
  • Computer Literacy: Instructors need basic computer skills to grade assignments and communicate with students. These skills boost cosmetology jobs outside of the classroom as well.
  • Teaching Skills: Teachers create lesson plans and grade assignments like every other instructor. Coming up with course objectives gives students goals to aim for and encourages their growth as cosmetologists.
  • Communication Skills: Communication is at the heart of every beauty career. They connect professionals to clients and students alike. Public speaking and empathy are critical to connecting with students and leaving an impact.

Ready to Begin?

            Take your cosmetology career to the next level through Health and Style’s Cosmetology Teacher Training Program. The 800-hour program prepares students for the state exam and beyond.

            Call 1-(884) 94-STYLE for more information on cosmetology instructor training in GA and NC.

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