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Looking for a Career Boost? Here’s How TikTok Can Boost Your Makeup Brand

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Looking for a Career Boost? Here’s How TikTok Can Boost Your Makeup Brand

TikTok has boosted the popularity of faux freckles and CosRX Essence. Here’s how to use TikTok to make your makeup artistry business go viral.

Why You Need to Brand on TikTok

TikTok is the ultimate proof of ‘Show, Don’t Tell.’

Makeup artistry and social media both rely on visuals. Showing your technique through video will prove your skills more than word-of-mouth.

TikTok has a massive audience. Posting videos regularly introduces you to thousands of potential clients. They might not all book appointments with you, but these views draw the attention of potential sponsors who can grow your career.

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A Step-to-Step Guide to Branding for Makeup Artists

Step One: Establish a Personal Brand

What makes your work stand out?

That’s the question at the heart of every personal brand. On TikTok, it’s better to be a specialist than a generalist. Make your content reflect your skills, whether you’re a product specialist or known for your bridal looks.

Target your content to your ideal audience. Write captions that reflect your voice. Use the colors that regularly appear on your eyeshadow brushes. These small things make your personality shine through the phone screen.

Step Two: Research Popular Makeup Looks

Searching #makeup on TikTok is a great place to start. The captions on these videos will likely also have more specialized hashtags. These niche hashtags will introduce you to viral makeup trends. Trending makeup looks have been proven to gain attention. Why not draw these eyes to your work?

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These specialized hashtags will also introduce you to niche communities. Use the explore page to find looks that reflect your style. Take note of what hashtags they use and write them in your captions.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to niche creators for advice on how to build your presence. These creators were once beginners too. Their advice comes from experience and their tips will help you grow too.

Step Three: Post Regularly (and Don’t Forget the Hashtags)

Regularly posting on social media shows dedication. An abandoned account makes potential clients think that you’re no longer working as a MUA.

Posting regularly reminds your audience of your presence. More videos also create more opportunities to introduce potential clients to your unique selling point as a makeup artist. Being active shows that you’re available to book appointments.

Step Four: Create a Community

TikTok has a community-creating power that’s impossible to achieve just through appointments.

Social media allows you to do more than just create a killer makeup look. It gives you the ability to regularly give shout-outs to the clients that make your day. Replying to your audience’s comments shows that you’re ready to help. Interacting with your audience not only looks good to the metrics but also gives your content a more personal feel.

When your audience book appointments, they won’t want to book it with just anyone. They’ll want to book it with the artist who took time out of their day to answer their question in the comment section.

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Step Five: Connect it To Your Offline Makeup Career

As fun as posting makeup challenges on TikTok, it’s not going to benefit you unless you find a way to build your career.

TikTok might appear to be all about gaining followers, but the best way to grow your career isn’t necessarily to create popular content for massive audiences. To reach your ideal clients, you need to localize. You’ll have a smaller audience, but they’ll be more loyal to you and live close enough to become regular clients.

Becoming a micro-influencer also draws the attention of local businesses and larger companies that want to expand their reach in your area. Marketers know that local influencers are more trusted by their audiences. They’ll reach out to you to sponsor their content because of your power as a micro-influencer. Before you know it, you’ll have a side income that you can use to expand your empire (or your vacation).

Skill-Build at Health and Style’s Makeup Artist School

You need to have the expertise to create eye-catching makeup looks before you can post them.

At Health and Style, you’ll delve into the art of makeup. Our makeup artistry program gives you the opportunity to find your niche by playing with different makeup techniques, including:

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  • Special Occasion Makeup

Aspiring MUAs in Georgia and North Carolina, get out your brushes and palettes. It’s time to start your future.

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