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Makeup Careers

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If you’ve always loved makeup but are not sure how that passion translates into a career, read on! Makeup can transform, empower, and fill a person with confidence, and your career should do the same thing. At Health and Style Institute, you can prepare for a variety of exciting and fulfilling careers in makeup artistry. Whether you enjoy the glam of Hollywood, or want to introduce new makeup techniques to people shopping in the mall, there’s a career path for you. Here are some of the top makeup careers.

Makeup Jobs

Bridal Makeup

Most brides hire makeup artists for their big day. Once you’ve received training and licensure, you can build your portfolio and begin marketing your services. Bridal websites are a good marketing tool, and word-of-mouth is powerful in the wedding industry. One benefit of this career path is flexibility. You can build your own schedule and choose your own hours, because the majority of bridal artists are self-employed.

Theatrical & Performance Makeup

If you like drama, this is your dream career. Makeup artists in theatre and performance exaggerate and dramatize makeup. You might also apply prostheses, such as noses, or use basic special effects skills to simulate bruises, aging, or scars. This can be exciting, high-skills work with unusual hours, and it allows you to use your skills in an intensified form.

Special Effects

Though these jobs might not be in as much demand as some others, they are undeniably interesting if you prefer mimicking scars to elongating lashes. To get a job if SFX makeup, you need to prove your skills with a strong portfolio. You will likely work on a freelance basis if you pursue this career path, and you will probably begin in smaller venues, such as local theatre and hair competitions, before dreaming of Hollywood. Follow your passion, network, and build your clientele.

Makeup Product Developer

For those makeup artists with real vision, there’s Research and Development. If you’re a self-starter, consider launching your own makeup line, or find a position in an R & D department. There you will help bring new products to market, working with chemists on one end and marketers on the other. Ideal candidates for this position are creative and analytical, so you can use all of your strengths in one job.

Beauty Writer

If you love makeup and writing, this could be one of the best makeup careers for you. Write blogs, or work for a magazine, and test and review beauty products. It can take a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to make this career path a reality, because you need to gain exposure and build an audience on Instagram, YouTube, or the like. You often have to work without pay for some time, so be prepared to work hard. While you establish and grow your audience, you can pursue one of the above careers and focus on developing a unique voice and perspective that will make your writing and makeup knowledge stand out.

Retail Makeup Artistry

This is likely the career path that springs to the average person’s mind when they think of makeup artistry. Teaching people how to use makeup to their best advantage is fun and can make you feel like you’re offering something valuable through your work. Retail makeup artistry allows you to take your initial passion for the power of makeup and share it with everyday people. Your training and licensure can help set the stage for a successful career on this path.

Prepare for Today’s Top Makeup Careers at Health & Style Institute

Once you decide which of these paths ignites your passion most, follow your dreams! Let Health and Style Institute help you prepare for your career with our Makeup Artistry program. With so many options available, don’t wait to get started on your new career. In both Georgia and North Carolina, Health and Style Institute is the only school with a USDOE approved and Federal Student Aid eligible Makeup Artistry program. To learn more about the program, please contact us at 1-844-947-8953.

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