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What You’ll Learn in Health & Style’s Makeup Courses

If you love wearing makeup, learning the latest tips and tricks, and sharing your passion with people around you, a career in makeup artistry might be a great fit for you. At Health and Style Institute, we can help you turn your passion into a career so you can love what you do for a living. Our program can prepare you for careers in bridal, freelance, theatre, film, retail, and more. Read on to keep learning about the makeup classes available at Health and Style.

Makeup Artistry Training

Evolution of Makeup
Did you know that the ancient Egyptians are largely credited with inventing the first cosmetics? In this course, you can learn this and more about the history of makeup. For example, learn that makeup was to distinguish social classes for Chinese women around 3000 BCE. Thousands of years later, Victorian women were the first to use a form of lip balm—a pomade like beeswax. Makeup has changed a lot even in the last century. Trends have varied from thin eyebrows to thick, and smoky eyes to natural eyeshadow, and this class will help you understand why.

The Everyday Application
Learn more foundational techniques and guidelines for makeup application. This course can teach you how to gain skill such as applying foundation correctly, using highlighting and contouring, eyebrow application, and more. Overall, this will help you develop the knowledge required to determine appropriate makeup services to achieve the best look for each client. As one of our fundamental makeup classes, this can help you create a solid foundation for the rest of your training.

High Fashion
Nothing is more exciting than the makeup of the runway and fashion industries. In this class, you can really let your creativity fly. Learn about airbrushing makeup techniques, what it’s like backstage at a fashion show, and how to perfect skin tones and bone structure. Gain a better understanding of high fashion makeup trends such as pops of color, flecks of glitter, or metallic lips.

Color Theory
Understanding how colors work together and what families of color work best for what skin tones are important parts of becoming a successful makeup artist. Here you can learn about the temperature and color of the skin’s undertone and the difference between warm and cool colors. Develop skills in color mixing, identifying skin undertones versus surface tones, and understanding color harmony.

Tools of the Trade
Knowing what tools to use and how to use them is essential to creating beautiful makeup. Do you know when to use a brush and when to use a makeup sponge? If not, you can learn it here. This course will teach you about the wide variety of tools, such as the difference between an eyeshadow blending brush and a general eyeshadow brush. A kabuki brush, for example, offers a nice multipurpose application of blush, bronzer, and powder. There’s so much more to learn.

Take Makeup Classes at Health and Style Institute

These descriptions offer just a small sample of some of the enlightening courses you can take in Health and Style Institute’s Makeup Artistry program. If you’re ready to take control of your future and train for a career you can love, call 1-844-947-8953 to learn more today.

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