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How to Build a Makeup Artist Portfolio

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How to Build a Makeup Artist Portfolio

Portfolios play a key role in starting your career as a makeup artist. They’re a powerful tool to attract clients and employers. Freelancers and counter professionals alike will find value in creating a makeup artist portfolio.

Here’s what you need to know before you start creating your own.

Why a Makeup Artistry Portfolio is Important

Online portfolios showcase your best work. Showing off unique beauty skills attract niche clientele seeking your makeup specialty. Photos prove your skills and show what makes you stand out as a makeup artist.

Think of a portfolio website as your resume. These websites showcase your best work and highlight special skills.

Tips on Building a Makeup Artist Portfolio

            Here are some tips to get started on your portfolio website:

  • Have a Great First Impression: The first photo needs to showcase your best work. Make sure that the first photo reflects the work you’re interested in doing, whether that be bridal makeup or high fashion looks. The photo should also be high quality and well-lit to showcase your makeup artistry.
  • Find the Right Template: Website creation platforms have made portfolios easier than ever to make. Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace offer templates perfect for makeup artists. Make sure the template is clean and photo-based. The focus should be your makeup artistry, not the website background.
  • Be Organized: A portfolio website should be treated like a makeup counter – each has a variety of products but keeps them organized. Keep photos of similar makeup looks together and make sure they flow well. Also, be sure to clear the clutter of “Lorem Ipsum” from your website templates. Gibberish autofill shows a lack of attention that clients don’t want to also experience during their appointments.
  • Establish an Online Presence: Adding a blog or a link to a personal YouTube channel establishes your creditability. Having a personal platform can also showcase your personality. Showing your personality makes clients like not only your work, but you as a person.
  • Use References: If you attended makeup artistry school, be sure to show your certification. Earning a certificate in makeup artistry also puts you in contact with professors that can serve as a reference. Use quotes from clients as proof of your skill and to find what kind of work your clients are interested in.
  • Quality over Quantity: Quality photos draw a client’s eye and make them want to seek out your services. Photos that are grainy and have low-quality lighting can cover the makeup and reflect a lack of care. If you don’t currently have any high-quality photos, try hiring a model and a photographer for a photoshoot. This investment will pay off in the long run.

Add Experience to Your Makeup Artist Portfolio

Want to practice your skills on real-world clients?

Boost your portfolio by taking the 900 credit hour makeup program at Health and Style Institute. Students pursuing a certification in makeup artistry will learn and create makeup looks. Snap some of your best looks for your portfolio and learn from industry professionals.

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