Ten Reasons Why Cosmetologists Are Amazing Managers

Ten Reasons Why Cosmetologists Are Amazing Managers

How to Open a Salon

Ten Reasons Why Cosmetologists Are Amazing Managers

How to Open a Salon

Cosmetologists have a magic touch. One appointment transforms your clients’ skin and mindset.

Your gift shouldn’t put you in a box. With some additional training, you can become a leader in the spa industry.

Here are the skills that make cosmetologists natural-born leaders.

1. They Connect with People

Cosmetologists work with customers from all walks of life. They put their customers at ease with compliments and conversation. The ease with which they slide into conversation makes it easy for them to smooth over customer complaints.

2. They Know How to Manage a Schedule

A cosmetologist’s schedule is constantly changing. Some days they’ll have a steady shift, others they’ll have scattered appointments. No matter what their schedule, they always show up to appointments on time. As spa managers, they can easily slip their employees’ schedules into their planner.

3. They Solve Problems the Moment They Arrive

Run out of a favorite product? Client showing up at the wrong time? Tech issues?

These are the situations all cosmetologists handle with grace. They’ll continue to use their problem-solving skills as spa managers.

4. They Have an Eye for Detail

A small pop of color and a gentle hand in application transform makeup looks.

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Cosmetologists know the little things that make a big difference. These eagle eyes can also spot inflated budget numbers and the messes unignorable during a health inspection. Constant vigilance shows your employees and customers that you mean business.

5. They Promote Well

There’s a reason why makeup artists have loyal clients.

It’s their ability to promote themselves. They hand out business cards at the end of every appointment. Many have a strong social media presence where they inspire and update their clients.

Spa managers also need to constantly advertise their business. Having a strong online presence makes it easier for new customers to find your business. Good marketing also retains brand loyalty with your existing clients.

6. They’re Flexible

No, we’re not talking about the ability to hold multiple products in one hand.

We’re talking about the mental strength needed to book appointments at any time. The kind cosmetologists show when they take care of a busy coworker’s clients. This kind of flexibility helps them change as the spa industry does. That’s the key to ensuring that their business stays on top.

7. They Continue to Learn

The beauty industry relies on trends. Staying with the same products and branding isn’t going to keep clients comfortable. It’s going to drive them away from an outdated salon. Spa managers need to keep up with trends if they want to keep customers.

Cosmetologists are always curious about the latest products and looks. They’ll also be eager to learn about business management and marketing strategies.

8. They’re Tech-Savvy

Cosmetologists use booking platforms every day. They’ll easily be able to expand their knowledge for management software platforms.

9. They’re Communicators

Spa employees listen to their clients’ needs. They look out for potential health issues and take feedback well.

Their communication skills transform them into managers that every employee loves. By scheduling regular meetings, they listen to their employees’ ideas. In having one-on-ones with them, spa managers are empathic to their needs. Communication turns the spa into a business that’s equally relaxing to customers and employees.

10. They Know the Industry Like No One Else

Business classes can’t give a manager what they need to run a spa: a love for the beauty industry.

Cosmetologists love everything a spa can offer them. They connect with their employees because they were once in their shoes. It’s this love that makes everyone walk out of their spa with a smile on their face.

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