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Unique Cosmetology Jobs

Learn about unique cosmetology jobs at Health and Style Institute

Unique Cosmetology Jobs

The cosmetology industry contains a wide array of jobs. From a theatre cosmetologist to applying wedding makeup, there is always a job available that will keep you on your toes. See this list of unique jobs related to the cosmetology and beauty industry.

Runway Artist

If you are looking to do abrupt and unique makeup, this is the job for you. Runway artists must have a strong ability to see the entire outfit for what it is and make the makeup match. The cosmetologist needs to be inspired by the outfit to make equally excellent makeup that will not change in different lighting – like on a runway.

Brand Director

A brand director may not work in a salon or with hair all day, but their job is equally important. A brand director leads the creative direction, imagery and vision of a beauty company or brand. They must be fashion-forward, inventive and bold as they are the ones who come up with hairstyles, colors and techniques they expect will be on trend for the coming season.

Blow Dry Specialist

Blow Dry Specialists focus on one thing: performing awesome blow dry’s on clients. This is a very scientific area of cosmetology and requires the cosmetologist to be well rounded and well educated on all types of hair.

Unique Salons

When you think of cosmetology salons you think the classic hair and nail salons. However, did you know that there are many other types of salons out there that desperately need stylists. Hospitals, hospice centers and nursing homes all typically operate a salon type facility for their patients. This salon setting will allow you to practice cosmetology that you love while making the elderly or sick still feel amazing.

Beauty Writer

If you love being a cosmetologist, but also enjoy fashion, then consider sharing your knowledge and becoming a beauty writer. This cosmetologist shares their knowledge of the entire industry and makes money via a blog or other print.

Beauty Consultant

A beauty consultant helps customers choose the right beauty products for their skin-type, age, lifestyle and personal appearance. They usually work in department stores working with a specific cosmetic company.


If you are a licensed cosmetologist and if you have a natural knack for teaching and interacting with others then you may consider becoming a cosmetologist instructor. Becoming an instructor only requires a little more education – Health and Style Institute offers a Teacher Training Program.

You don’t have to work in a salon all day if you’ve obtained your cosmetology license. There are many unique jobs that cosmetologists qualify for. If you have any additional questions on our Cosmetology program, contact Health and Style today at 1-844-94-STYLE.

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