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Do you ever get your hair done professionally, and then wonder why you can’t get quite the same look at home?  Sure, you may have to practice the particular styling techniques, but another big culprit is often the products you’re using… or more accurately, not using. You get and maintain the best results by nourishing and protecting it with GOOD products. Good products aren’t an area to skimp on if you want your hair looking it’s best.

Your hairdresser encourages buying and using professional products primarily because they’re better for your hair’s health, and depending upon your specific style, may be the “magic” that makes the difference between how you look walking out of the salon, vs. when you DIY.  Many folks simply don’t understand that it’s the GREAT products making that difference.

The truth is salon products have much more of the necessary vitamins and proteins your hair needs to maintain and restore its health. Store-bought products realized this and began advertising “Hey! No need to pay for that bottle of salon product! We have the good stuff in ours!”  when really they should have said, “Hey we placed a microscopic pinch of that essential ingredient in our product and are now going to act like it will make a difference on your hair!”

While Health and Style Institute’s salon services are mind-boggling affordable, you’re still spending money for that trendy new cut or gorgeous fall color… so why jeopardize that fabulousity by using drugstore shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to save a few bucks? We have a fantastic selection of very affordable products and can help you choose what’s best for your hair.

Your stylist can tell you exactly what you need to maintain your hair—and save you from playing the drugstore guessing game.

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We love winter for the steaming hot cups of cocoa, pumpkin pie, and all the wonderful holiday festivities — but not so much the bracing winds, artificial heaters and cold, dry air. In addition to putting away the summer clothes and pulling out the jackets and sweaters, you may also notice your skin feeling a bit dry and tight, your hair dry and lifeless.

It’s not just wardrobe that should be changed with winter; so too does skincare and hair care, and making slight changes can help you maintain a lovely glow and gorgeous locks through winter.


The key to keeping skin healthy during the winter months is to prevent water loss from the skin’s protective barrier (which is called transepidermal water loss). When water is lost from the skin it leads to dry, itchy and irritated skin. The best way to fortify and protect our skin’s moisture barrier is to use a daily lotion or cream that contains key ingredients such as ceramides, hylauronic acid or oatmeal. Apply it liberally morning and night.

During the winter months the ambient humidity drops precipitously. Add large leafy plants indoors. Not only do they brighten up your home, but each time that you water the plants, the water will diffuse through the leaves and into the room, adding much needed moisture.

You can also use a humidifier for added moisture in the air. Not only will your skin feel and look better, but your hair will too.

If you’re a long, hot shower lover, winter is a time to give up that luxury temporarily.  The hot water strips skin and hair of protective natural oils, so turn the temperature down to lukewarm and limit your time in the shower (an egg timer works!) to five minutes.

Many of you are accustomed to hydrating your skin with lotion after washing, but don’t forget that hydration begins in the shower or bath with gentle products that cleanse and moisturize at the same time.

Help keep your mitts supple in cold months by wearing stylish gloves and mittens!

Help keep your mitts supple in cold months by wearing stylish gloves and mittens!


Hair goes dry, weak and brittle during winter, but if you give it the right treatment you’ll lessen those issues. Health and Style Institute has exceptional shampoos and conditioners which aim to protect and heal your hair, and provide added moisturizing while still being right for your hair type.

Continue moisturizing hair, even through cold, wet winter.

Continue moisturizing hair, even through cold, wet winter.

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It’s also a huge help to have a moisturizing hair treatment once a month to help repair the effects of winter. Ours start at only $6.00!

Follow these tips to ensure Old Man Winter doesn’t wreak havoc on your skin and hair; you’ll get through winter looking radiant and healthy!



First time consultations with a new hairdresser are much like a first date… unpredictable, but going into it with the right preparation and attitude can lead to a long, happy relationship.  As in all relationships, communication is key.  It’s often joked about that people share just about EVERYTHING with their hairdresser… but to get off in the right groove together, there are a few key things that are important to share initially.

Let your hairdresser know what you love about your hair and what about your hair makes you want to run screaming into traffic.  If you adore the natural red highlights in your blonde hair, a good hairdresser can suggest options that may enhance it.  On the other hand, if the skinny, lifeless braid you’re sporting has always had you yearning for thicker, more voluminous hair, by all means, speak up.  There’s a lot a great hairdresser can do with cut and texturizing to add volume and body.  However, be realistic; if you’ve tresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, you won’t leave with hair to rival Kim Kardashian’s thick locks.

Be clear about the things that you vehemently dislike.  If short hair isn’t your thing, no matter how much it might flatter your face, or how fabulous a short cut you’d get, you’ll probably never like it.  Don’t mince words about your “no-way, never”s.  But also be willing to listen to suggestions and know what you’d be open to considering, even if it’s something entirely new for you.

You’ll love your hair more if it really suits your lifestyle and schedule.  If there already aren’t enough hours in your day, a wash and go style, or one that requires very little time to look good is ideal.  Let your hairdresser know how much or how little daily time you have – or care — to spend on your hair.  As well as what tools and products you already have.  They can work with you to teach you how to emulate the look you leave the salon with, often using the tools you already have.

Follow these tips and you may find it’s the start of a beautiful relationship!

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Continue moisturizing hair, even through cold, wet winter.

Winter means snow storms, freezing cold, and hoods.  All of these forces seem to conspire to make your perfectly done hair look like you just rolled out of bed.  However, there are things you can do all winter long that will help you keep your style despite the chill.

Moisturize the Frizz Away

Frizz is caused by a lack of moisture.  Making sure your hair is never thirsty will take away that unkempt look and leave you feeling in control of your locks.

This should be done on several levels.  First, make regular trips to your hair salon for deep-conditioning treatments.  If going once a week is going to break the bank, consider going to a school like The Health and Style Institute.  You get better deals and quality stylists.  The deep-conditioning will keep your hair healthy and looking great.

While you’re there, pick up some leave-in conditioners and protective oils.  All the primping you put your hair through has worse effects in winter months than any other time.  Daily moisturizing is a great way to keep your hair healthy between salon visits.

Give your Hair a Break

Every time you wash your hair, you lose moisture and natural oils.  Try washing less frequently – maybe every other or every third day.  When you do wash it, think about how much stress your towel puts on it.  Rubbing your towel through your hair is asking for trouble.  Instead, take the gentler approach by just patting or scrunching your hair with the towel.

You already know the cold gives you chapped lips and dry skin – but did you know it does the same to your hair?  If you’re going out in the cold, wear a hat or scarf that covers your hair so it’s not as exposed to the harsh elements.  But beware of wool hats.  They actually dry out your hair, undoing all the good work you’re putting in.

Embrace the Chill

The more heat you expose your hair to, the less moisture your hair retains from the shampoo and conditioner.  Try to get around this by washing your hair in lukewarm water and reducing the amount you use your hair dryer.  By letting your hair at least partially air dry, you give the moisturizer in your products a chance to do its job.

If you do have to blow dry, consider investing in an ionizing hairdryer.  These use negative ions to interact with water molecules, lowering the necessary heat of vaporization.  In short, they let your hair dry faster.  Less time using dry heat means less damage to your hair.