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What’s better than a September special to save you money?  TWO September specials!!


Our first special is get a Free Facial on-the-go with a Full-Priced Back or Chest waxing treatment.


Color & cut by HSI student Sheila.

Color & cut by HSI student Sheila.

You can also save  with a Free Mini Foil with a Full-Priced All Over Color Service.


Both savings specials are good at both our High Point, NC and our Kennesaw, GA locations, September 1 through 30, 2015. Call today to schedule!


How glorious it feels to have smooth legs! The unfortunate thing about shaving is you have to continue to do it on a very regular basis. Okay, it’s really not that big of a deal, right? You spend an extra 10-15 minutes getting ready. So what? Well, there’s also in-grown hairs (like the horribly embarrassing and painful ones on your bikini line?), and itching, dry skin from rubbing a sharp blade across your body a few times a week. When you remove the hair, unfortunately you’re also removing the top layer or two of skin. That can have its benefits; skin cell turnover accelerates temporarily, but it also dries out the skin, causing flaking and can even lead to infection in the tiny nicks. This year, try out a waxing.

What To Expect When Going In For A Waxing Appointment

Waxing can also be a tiny bit painful, but it helps that it only takes a second to recover. Also, waxing can remove an entire section of hair at once, leaving the area smooth as silk. Waxing is pretty cost-effective, but it’s not permanent. The hair is removed from the root, so regrowth is often softer and lighter. Waxing is best when done by a professional. Going the DIY route may result in a pretty hilarious event, including pep-talking yourself, false pulls, crying, and a whole lot of words that we’ll refrain from sharing.

When going in for a wax, know that the hairs you wish to have removed will need to be at least 1/8th an inch in length. If they’re shorter, the wax may not be able to lift them. Since hair grows in cycles, the first time you get waxed, the hair might seem to grow back faster, but it’s possible that the new hair you’re seeing wasn’t the hair that was waxed. After several sessions, you’ll notice that the hairs will begin to grow back softer and finer. The regrowth may also be slowed. That makes waxing a perfect choice for spring and summer time ease and a must before vacations!


Schedule your wax with us today. Brow and lip waxes take minutes. Leg waxes take a little longer but the results last for weeks!  Men, our waxing services can help you too!

And while you’re there, take advantage of our April special: Get our uber-fabulous 30-minute Facial On-The-Go, and a 30 day supply of Dermalogica products ~~ all for an unbelievable $30.00!  This offer is good April 1st through 30th, 2015, while supplies last, and available at both of our locations, Kennesaw, GA and High Point, NC.




After a long day of working, studying, dealing with family, food, and everything else that can possibly come up, your special someone proposes a date night.  It’s exactly what you need – so you grab that dress that shows off all the right parts when much to your horror you realize:  you didn’t shave this morning!

So now you have to either jump in the shower or add one more thing to your list of things to do – not to mention redoing your hair and makeup once you’re out – or just throw the perfect dress to the side and grab some pants instead.  It should have been a great date, but now, it’s just another source of stress.

Is there a woman who likes shaving? No… we knick ourselves, miss spots, and fear razor burn.  But waxing seems just as scary.  Who knows whether it’s worth it?  You do!  Or will after you read this piece.

First, waxing is a huge timesaver.  You can wax your legs once every three weeks or so, saving time every morning that can be much better spent.  (Facial exfoliating anyone?)

Second, no more stubble.  Even if your perfect date night had started with a morning shave, your hair’s had half a day to grow back.  You don’t want your night spent wondering if he’s noticing those little black dots all over your calves.

Third, it’s better for your skin than alternatives.  Believe it or not, shaving actually makes your skin coarser.  Being exposed to a razor blade every day, not to mention the periodic cuts, literally makes you grow a tougher skin.  Waxing removes that threat, and is much healthier than the harsh chemicals that burn your hair away.

But doesn’t it hurt?  The short answer is it can, especially the first time.  Everyone’s discomfort level is different, but each time you do it, your legs get more accustomed to it, so if you can get through the first two or three sessions, there should be very little discomfort for the next sessions.  Plus, there are things that can help even those first few times.

If you go to an established beauty salon, they can provide lots of numbing creams and other lotions that will reduce if not eliminate any pain even with the first treatment.  Try going to a beauty school like the Health and Style Institute, where the teachers are sure to know the newest and best creams and the students have a very vested interest in having you walk away smiling.  Not to mention it’s much cheaper than a traditional beauty salon.

Long term, waxing will save you time and discomfort, and going to an established and inexpensive location like the Health and Style Institute will put you on the fast track to beautiful and healthy looking legs. And guys, waxing is available to you as well; try it, you’ll wonder what took you so long!