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The Life of a Makeup Artist

The Life of a Makeup Artist

If you have a passion for makeup artistry, enjoy improving your own makeup routine, and advising your friends about a new product you’ve found or a technique you’ve discovered, then you may want to consider a career working as a makeup artist.

Besides the joy of doing what you love for a living, you also have plenty of personal freedom on where to work or how to start your business.

Makeup skills are always in high demand in our fast-paced world. This career offers a great opportunity for you to make plenty of money and have an enjoyable lifestyle.

The best way to get started is to research a program in makeup artistry. The right program will equip you with the professional skills you need to get a lucrative career in the beauty industry.

Choose a Direction

Besides working in a salon or a spa, you can use your knowledge and skills in makeup in a wide number of other industries:

1. You could work in the film or television industry. In this industry, you could apply your makeup skills creatively to shape the role appearance that an actor or actress will play on screen. You might be asked to make a young person look older or an older person look younger with clever makeup.

2. The high fashion industry is another possibility. In this industry, you could work for a beauty magazine or behind the scenes at fashion shows. You will now use your makeup skills to enhance the beauty of professional models and iconic figures.

3. Another option would be the cosmetic industry. In this industry, you could work in a department store educating people about products. You could also work for a cosmetic company, perhaps offering beauty clinics or workshops for the public to help people learn how to develop a beauty routine.

The way to gain specialty knowledge to work in the film and television industry, high fashion industry, or cosmetic industry is to enroll in a makeup artistry program that will teach you exactly how to use makeup for specific purposes.

Learn to Market Yourself

Regardless of whether you work for yourself or for a company, it’s a good idea to learn to market yourself to draw attention to your professional skills. It’s often a good idea to work for someone else until you get enough experience to start your own business.

Two simple ways to grow your career or build your business are to use social media and to learn the art of networking.

Social Media:

Create a group where you share your knowledge with people who are interested in all things related to beauty and makeup. If you are building your own business, then you can use social media to share your work with clients and share links to your website.


At networking events, you can meet other makeup artists and share tips and techniques. As you build your network, you will either meet industry professionals who will help you with your career or refer clients to your business.

How to Become a Makeup Artist

The best way to get skilled up to become a makeup artist is to enroll in the Health and Style Institute. You will find that our Makeup Artistry Program will equip you with all the professional training you need to launch a new career.

Simply contact the Health and Style Institute by either filling out the form below to request more information or calling us directly at 1-844-94-STYLE.

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