Get – and Keep – Your Glow On at Any Age! |

Get – and Keep – Your Glow On at Any Age


Get – and Keep – Your Glow On at Any Age

Our skin is the part of us that interacts most with the outside world.  It’s no wonder that as we age, the environment, various products, and even our facial expressions can affect both its strength and overall look.  We all know it’s important to care for our skin, but what that means depends in large part on what your age is.


The first time we really start noticing our skin is in our teens.  This age is mostly about hormones causing the occasional breakout, but there’s more to skin than that.  The most important rule is to be gentle.  No hard scrubbing, just gently wash your face with mild cleansers.  This especially goes for men, who should be careful about nicking themselves while shaving.  Also, don’t pick at any blemishes that do occur, because you can create scarring that will stay with you for years.


This is the age where healthy skin looks its best, but it’s also the most important decade for skin.  Focus on damage prevention and use gentle products.  Wear sunscreen.  Damage from the sun isn’t likely to show up quite yet, but it will be right around the corner if you don’t protect your skin from the sun now.  An easy way to do this is to pick a moisturizer that has SPF 15 or 20 so you are ready to go as soon as you’ve finished your morning routine.  And be sure to moisturize.  Dehydrated skin will keep acne coming back well into your twenties.


Any damage, especially from the sun, will start to appear in this decade.  You’ll also notice a few fine lines, as well as a potential increase in blotchiness.  The biggest cause is that your skin, which regenerated every two weeks in your 20’s, is now taking over a month to complete the same cycle.  However, we can enhance the process with regular exfoliation so your skin stays fresh and new looking.  In addition to your SPF 15 or 20 moisturizer, make sure you’re applying antioxidants to your skin regularly.  They’ll help decrease sun damage and reduce the appearance of damage that has already been caused.  Also, add a retinol cream to your regiment to help strengthen your skin.


Those fine lines are starting to appear more consistently than they did before.  Your collagen levels will decrease, making your skin drier, so switch to a heavy moisturizer.  The retinol cream is still important, but you may want to talk to your doctor to upgrade it to prescription strength.  Increase your Vitamin A intake to help your skin rejuvenate more regularly, and continue those regular exfoliations.


Your skin will continue to dry as you age, so upping the amount and level of moisturizer you use is a must.  Even your cleanser should be moisturizing, and you should continue to use a regular moisturizer with SPF 15 or 20.  For a more dramatic attack, try using collagen-boosting peptides to preserve the strength of your skin.

As you continue to grow past fifty, the hard work you put in during early decades will pay off.  Continue moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun, but be as gentle as possible while cleansing.

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