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Beach to Ballroom


Beach to Ballroom

Summer is the time to soak in the sunshine. So what do you do to turn your sun-kissed look into something suitable for a night out on the town? Here are some fun and informal ways to turn your look from day to night with a few must-have items.

Flowing maxi dress
Just because you are going out, there’s no need to turn your look into a high maintenance direction. A night on the beach begs for a flowing dress creating an opportunity to turn casual into sensational. Throw on a colorful maxi dress to show off glowing skin. Choose a bold pattern or a solid color with accessories.

Sparkling gold jewelry
A piece of beautiful gold jewelry can bring out the natural sun-kissed look after a day on the beach. To accentuate your apparel, add a gold necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet to your outfit. As with many things, you don’t need a large amount of gold jewelry. Since less can be more, focus on a piece or two that stand out and adds interest to your look.

Tousled locks
Beach hair can look voluminous and glamorous. Instead of pinning it down and fighting the humidity with hairspray, go with the flow. Spritz in some beach spray or dry shampoo, run your fingers through your strands and hit the town with a low maintenance yet high voltage look.

Lush lip color
Warm days at the beach call for little or no makeup. Since the weather and humidity may not be optimal for heavy foundations and shadows, a lush lip color can pull your look together nicely. Since many coral, pink and red tones are popular this season, apply these beautiful colors to create full lips.

Flirty nail polish
Nail polishes are a nice way to finish your look. Choose a nail polish color that flatters your skin tone. Corals, pinks and oranges are beautiful for the hot weather nights while blues and greys can complement a bold pattern.

Sexy sandals
Feet that have been in the sand all day deserve sexy sandals to showcase smooth feet and manicured toes. Step in strappy sandals with a nice high heel for an easy look that looks effortless. For an equally beautiful look, throw on a pair of leather gladiator or gold sandals that will make your outfit pop.

Sensual scented lotion
A strong perfume can be a little too much on a warm night on the town. Instead of wearing a scent that’s heavy and harsh, go for a scented body lotion. As the night wears on, this lighter option won’t feel overwhelming. A floral or fruity scent always works well for a summer evening out on the town.

After an afternoon full of sand and sun, it’s easy to transition into a beautiful nighttime style. With a few simple steps you can turn yourself from beach bunny to a glam girl in minutes. For added glam, come see us before your night out; our full list of services here.

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