Barbering Basics: Beard and Mustache Trims | Barbering Program

Barbering Basics: Beard And Mustache Trims

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Barbering Basics: Beard And Mustache Trims

When you hear the word ‘barber’ the first thing that comes to mind is probably the traditional haircut. 

However, the expertise of modern barbers needs to extend far beyond this into the finer points of men’s grooming, particularly the art of beard and mustache maintenance. The barbering program at Health and Style Institute can equip you with the skills you need to succeed as a barber in the contemporary market. Let’s get into more detail on this topic and see how you can master this essential skill for modern barbering.

1. Attend A Good Barber School

Before you get your hands on a client’s hair or beard, you need to get the right training. A good barber school in Atlanta like Health and Style Institute can give you a strong foundation in barbering skills and help you learn how to effectively utilize different tools.

You’ll also get introduced to innovative beard-trimming methods which can help you refine your craft.

2. Understand Client Needs

A good facial hair trim begins with a clear conversation. You must understand the client’s vision, whether it’s a modest touch-up or a bold new shape. From there, it’s a matter of technique.

They might want a simple cleanup, length adjustments, or a complete reshape. Whichever is the case, make sure to focus on the client’s desires.

Also, try to show visual examples (if they don’t have a clear idea of what they want). Sometimes a picture can bridge the gap between concept and execution.

3. Consider the Client’s Facial Structure

When someone comes into your shop for a beard trim, the shape of their face matters. Here’s what to do with different face shapes:

  • Round faces: Trim the sides shorter and the bottom a bit longer. This makes the face look less round.
  • Square faces: Go for soft edges on the beard to make the face look a little rounder.
  • Long faces: Rounded edges are good here too, so the face doesn’t look too long.
  • Oval faces: Keep the beard even all around. This face shape works with most beard styles.

4. Have the Right Tools for Trimming

A professional toolbox filled with high-quality instruments is essential, with clippers and shears being the bread and butter of beard and mustache sculpting.

  • Clippers are used to achieve the desired length, while shears finesse the finer details.
  • Combing through reveals any rogue strands begging for symmetry.
  • Blending, especially along the neckline, is crucial for that natural gradient.
  • A finishing touch of nourishing beard oil leaves both hair and skin with a good glow.

Don’t forget to use trusted brands for all the tools and products you use so you can achieve the look both you and your client want.

Become A Barber with Health and Style’s Barbering Program in Atlanta

If you want to become a barber, the barbering program at HSI is here to help you launch your career.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics — from haircutting and shaving to more nuanced aspects like beard and mustache maintenance, not to mention health and safety practices. You’ll get to practice on real clients and learn how to communicate with your clients so you can give them the best trim for their facial structure.

Contact us today to learn more about enrolling!

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