5 Things to Ask on Your Beauty School Tour | Salon and Spa Industry

5 Things to Ask on Your Beauty School Tour

5 Things to Ask on Your Beauty School Tour


Five Things to Ask on Your Beauty School Tour

So, you’ve decided to go to beauty school in Kennesaw. A comprehensive beauty school education opens doors into the salon and spa industry, but how do you know which school is right for you?

Touring schools is your best bet for checking out the environment, meeting students and instructors, and asking the important questions you need to make an informed decision.

Don’t draw a blank mid-tour — here are five questions to write down and ask on your beauty school tour.

  1. What Will I Learn at This Beauty School?

Different beauty schools offer different programs. Learning about the school’s curriculum will show you what sort of activities you’ll do while in attendance. Most beauty schools offer the traditional, popular courses, but they may not cover the specific area of interest you want to specialize in. Beauty trends are constantly evolving, so ask about what techniques are covered. The best beauty schools teach both modern and traditional beauty techniques.

  1. 2. Is the Beauty School Accredited?

Accreditation means the school has passed a specific set of standards in teaching and training students for beauty industry careers. Accredited schools are more respected than their alternatives, making it easier for graduates to pass the state board exam and find work. Their standards of education are high, which is reflected in their well-balanced, comprehensive, and up-to-date curriculum.

  1. What is the Beauty School’s Job Placement Rate?

After all, the point of going to beauty school is to have a rewarding career in the beauty industry! Knowing the school’s job placement rate gives you an indication of your likelihood of finding work after graduation. Schools with high job placement rates often offer career services and have good relationships with local salons and spas.

  1. What is the Beauty School’s Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is something you’ll likely pick up on as soon as you walk in the door. You should feel comfortable asking questions, because the environment should be geared towards learning. Observe the instructors and students to get a feel for student morale — if they seem unhappy, chances are you will be too. Do students get time to practice techniques on real people? Classroom instruction and mannequins are essential for learning techniques, but students learn the most while working on real live models.

  1. What Makes This Beauty School Special?

This open-ended question gives you the opportunity to learn things about the school you may not have otherwise realized. Some schools offer additional education opportunities, scholarships, advanced classes, and more. Some schools partner with local salons for job placements, and some schools have a presence in giving back to their community.

At Health and Style Institute, our interactive training helps you develop the skills you need to be successful in the beauty industry. Contact us today to schedule a tour, and be sure to bring your list of questions!

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