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How Should You Market Your Salon And Spa?

How You Should Market Your Salon and Spa. Health and Style Institute offers a Salon and Spa Leadership program. Contact us today at 1-844-94-STYLE.

How Should You Market Your Salon And Spa?

Health and Style Institute offers a Salon and Spa leadership program that will prepare you for numerous career opportunities including: Salon and Spa business manager, style consultant, hair stylist, product account representative, color specialist, platform artist, freelancer, makeup artist, independent contractor and a salon and spa owner. The career opportunities are endless, but they have one thing in common, clients. In order to have a successful business you need to be able to market yourself or your salon and spa in order to gain new clients.

The marketing world is changing every day. As a salon and spa owner, it is not enough just to deliver the best salon services, you also have to let people know you offer the best services. So how should you market your salon and spa?

Make Sure You Are Visible

Besides word-of-mouth, the quickest way to gain more clients is to make yourself visible online. Searching for products and services is shifting to online platforms like Yelp and Google and salon and spas rank highly on these listing sites. So, if you have not set up or claimed your listings, it is time to do so. It’s very simple. All you have to do is have a Gmail account.

How Does a Listing Work?

Remember the last time you Googled something? The chances are that you selected one out of the first three options Google offered. Listing sites work the same way. If your spa or salon ranks highly on the listings, you will receive more views, which means more customers.

Remember to provide as much information as possible about your business with high-quality photos of your business in order to rank highly. Social proof goes a long way and positive ratings from previous clients will help bring in more potential clients.

Create a Website

Having a website is crucial for any business. A good website is the heart of all your marketing. A good website will allow you to be open 24/7 for both new and existing clients. Your website is also the first impression you have with new clients.

Website building platforms like WordPress and Wix make it possible for anybody to set up a professional-looking website.

You can also use your website to accept online bookings, give free hair styling tips, display your work or send our monthly newsletters to your loyal customers. All these functions of your website will help you reach a broader market and come off as a professional.

Optimize on Social Media

Majority of people today have a social media account of some sort. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok – and there are new platforms being created every day. This makes social media a factor you cannot overlook when planning to market your spa or salon successfully.

Different social media platforms also have different uses. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms where you can post pictures of your work. However, if you plan to share a few words or tips, Facebook is more suitable. Using the right social media platform allows you to reach a broader market, which means more customers.

Health and Style Institute’s Salon and Spa Leadership Program

Marketing your salon and spa can be tricky. However, with the right marketing mix, everything is doable. To become a salon and spa leader, you need to develop your skills and learn as much as you can about the industry. That is why Health and Style Institute’s Salon and Spa Leadership program could be a perfect fit for the next step in your career! Contact Health and Style Institute at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information.

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