Teacher Training Equips Students For Careers

Teacher Training Equips Students For Careers


Teacher Training Equips Students For Careers

5 Things Cosmetology, Skincare, Makeup Artist, And Barbering Teachers Need to Make Sure Their Students Know

As an instructor in cosmetology, barbering, skincare, or makeup artistry, it’s your responsibility to prepare your students for all aspects of the profession. Your teacher training should equip you to do more than just pass on technical skills. It should also equip you to prepare your students to enter the field confident, clear-eyed, and ready to go to long, rewarding careers. In fact, these non-technical aspects can be the most rewarding to teach, as they draw more from your personal experience. 

Let’s look at five things a good cosmetology instructor should make sure their students know before they enter the profession.

Realities Your Students Need to Understand

1. The Physical Demands of the Job

Many students are unprepared for being on their feet for long hours every day. When you add in the repetitive motions and necessity to remain highly focused, the physical demands can feel overwhelming. It’s important for cosmetologists, barbers, skincare therapists and makeup artists to stay fit and active after hours so they can better meet those demands.

2. The Importance of Relationships with Clientele

As in many businesses, relationships are key to success as a barber, cosmetologist, skincare therapist, or makeup artist. You must be able to get along with people from a broad range of backgrounds and effectively communicate with clients to understand their needs. Many people stick with their stylist for years not only for their skills but for the friendly rapport they’ve built up with them.

3. The Business Side of Things

Your students may end up working for a salon owner as employees, they may work in a salon as independent contractors (leasing the chair), or they may someday start their own salon or shop. In any case, it’s essential for them to understand how to market their services, how to utilize scheduling tools, and how to manage their finances. 

4. Learning Doesn’t End When School Ends

To be relevant and in-demand, barbers, makeup artists, skincare therapists and cosmetologists need to stay tuned in to style trends. They also need to keep up with their education credits in order to keep their license in good standing. This will necessitate various investments throughout the year, such as attending seminars or online webinars, as well as paying license renewal fees.

5. Saturdays Will be Spent at Work

A typical workweek for a style professional goes from Tuesday through Saturday, with Saturday being the busiest day. Rather than begrudge having to sacrifice weekends, it’s best to just get used to it and enjoy being able to sleep in on Monday mornings.

Cosmetology, Makeup Artist, Skincare and Barbering Teacher Training

A good instructor teaches students the skills they need to pass their license exam. A great instructor helps students prepare for what it’s really like to work in their chosen field. How do you become a great instructor? By attending a high-quality teacher training school. If you’re passionate about cosmetology, barbering, skincare therapy or makeup artistry and want to put your passion and experience to work helping others get ready for great careers, the Health and Style Institute teacher training program is for you. Contact us today to get started!

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