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Nail Down Healthy Habits

Nail Down Healthy Habits

Keeping nails healthy and strong can be difficult. Daily wear and tear can take a serious toll on the appearance of nails, not to mention the time and ability it takes to keep your nails looking their best. So how can you keep your nails looking freshly manicured? Here are a few easy to follow tips that can help you nail down healthy habits.

Keep nails moisturized.
Moisturizing will help prevent breakage and will approve the overall appearance of the nail bed. Add a little lotion or oil on the top and sides to stop chipping and splitting. Some retailers have some fantastic cuticle creams that are inexpensive and can fit into your bag for those on-the-go moments.

Take plenty of vitamins.
Biotin supplements are packed with Vitamin B which has been linked directly to enriching and fortifying nail thickness. Available at any local drug store, taking one Biotin vitamin a day will create super strong, fierce nails.

Take it easy on the hand washing.
No one wants to have dirty hands, but this can make a huge difference in the health of your nails. Over washing can cause waterlogged nails which will ultimately weaken and dry them out. Use an all-natural hand sanitizer when you must clean hands quickly. Also, remember to always wear gloves when cleaning around the house to avoid any unnecessary contact with harsh chemicals.

Stay away from acetone-based polish removers.
Everyone knows acetone is bad news for good nails. It strips the cuticles, making them brittle and dried out. With plenty of options, always choose a non-acetone polish removers. In addition, try clear polish for moisture! Not only can a simple layer or two of clear nail polish lock in moisture, it can help protect against nasty chemicals and harsh elements that nails come into contact with on a daily basis.

Avoid trimming nails.
Using a nail clipper may be a time saver, but there is a risk of trimming nails too short and this can be painful and extremely damaging to the cuticle and the skin that lies beneath. Filing nails with a smooth file as opposed to a rough emery board will help in shaping and maintaining nice nails.

Have a professional manicure at least once a month. Letting a patient, knowledgeable nail artist work on getting those nails clean and beautiful will make it easy to maintain great nails. Our nail services start at only $5! Come be pampered soon with a relaxing mani and pedi! Check our services menu here:

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