Sandal-Ready Pedicure Tips

Sandal-Ready Pedicure Tips

Sandal-Ready Pedicure Tips

The weather has warmed up, the days are longer and we’re dreaming of walks on the beach and fun in the sun. But nothing is worse than the realization that, after long winter months stuffed into socks and boots, your feet are in no condition to be seen.

Students in cosmetology programs are constantly tested on their knowledge of the basics in manicuring, as well as the season’s latest trends. Step up your pedicure game and give your customers the confidence they need to flaunt their feet by following these simple tips.

Summer Skin Care

Whether you are running around a hot pool deck or playing on the beach, your feet take a beating in the summertime. Extended exposure to sun, sand and other hot surfaces causes your skin to be dry and rough. That’s why when it comes to achieving sandal-ready feet, proper skin care is the first and most important step.

First and foremost, remind your clients to apply sunscreen to their feet when spending time in the sun. Without protection, the sensitive skin on their feet will burn, dehydrating the skin and potentially causing pain. You should exfoliate the skin often, both in and out of the salon. Using a washcloth, file or foot scrub, you can remove dead skin cells and calluses. This will make feet look prettier and feel much smoother.

Lastly, feet should be moisturized often. The heels and soles of your feet are overworked, so they tend to dry out faster. Your heels require extra moisture as the skin is much thicker, so break out your favorite lotion and apply liberally!

Prepping your Toenails for Summer

Like your skin, your toenails require a little extra attention in the summertime. The warm weather and humidity make your feet sweat, producing the perfect environment for fungal infections. Your nails also grow faster at this time of year and exposure to chlorine can weaken them until they bend or break. Luckily, simple maintenance will keep your client’s nails strong and healthy.

Nails should be cut straight across and then filed until the desired length is reached. Cutting into the corners or too close to the nail bed can easily lead to ingrown nails and cause your clients pain. Cuticles should be moisturized and cleaned but avoid cutting them as they help protect your nails from bacteria.

When adding color, buff toenails beforehand. This will help reduce the thickness of nails and help grab onto nail polish. Always apply a base coat first to help keep nails hydrated and prevent yellowing from polish. Top coat should be added last, to protect the nails and to make nail polish shiny and long-lasting.

Trendy Summer Nail Colors

Since your client’s toes will be on full display this summer, be sure to pick the perfect color to finalize the pedicure. Bright reds and pinks are always a go-to but summer also give us the opportunity to get a little wild. Encourage your clients to go bold with less traditional nail colors that excite them, like oceanic blues or sunny oranges. Nude and neutral shades have risen in popularity this year as they match anything and maintain a professional look at all times. For those looking for something flashier, suggest sparkly navy blues or metallic bronzes.

No matter what this summer has in store, these tips will help you give your clients a pedicure they’ll be proud to show off. If you are interested in helping clients put their best foot forward, contact Health and Style Institute today and learn more about our cosmetology program!

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