Becoming a Commercial Makeup Artist | What is a Commercial Makeup Artist?

Becoming a Commercial Makeup Artist

Commercial Makeup Artist

Becoming a Commercial Makeup Artist

The cosmetics industry brings in billions of dollars a year. In fact, one study noted that globally the industry will reach $863 billion by 2024. While the cosmetics industry is vast, commercial makeup artists require unique knowledge. From the entertainment industry to health and beauty spas, there are plenty of jobs available.

With 5 programs available, a commercial makeup artist’s career can start with an education from the Health & Style Institute.

For instance, Health & Style Institute’s Skin Care Therapy program gives students an esthetician education that is ideal for knowing how to apply makeup to sensitive skin. For this or any other program give us a call at 1-844-94-STYLE, and we’ll walk you through all our program options.

What is a Commercial Makeup Artist?

In a broad description, commercial makeup beautifies someone’s appearance. Knowing the techniques for applying makeup for this purpose takes skill. For example, aging an actor over several decades takes special, precise makeup application skills.

Thus, a commercial makeup artist can be anyone who uses commercial makeup on people, mainly faces.

What Jobs are Available to Commercial Makeup Artists?

The most popular of these commercial makeup artists are those that do makeup and special effects for the entertainment industry. From Hollywood to Broadway and countless other venues in between, commercial makeup is the foundation of the stage and film industry.

Commercial makeup artists can even be special effects experts because they can create beautiful, glamourous looks or transform faces into hideous, scary looking characters. For example, some makeup artists work with popular zombie-based TV shows to create realistic-looking walking dead people. Then there is theater makeup, a skill of its own.

Jobs in the entertainment industry are not the only openings for commercial makeup artists. With a Skin Care Therapy diploma from the Health & Style Institute, you’ll have access to the most modern skincare knowledge and news. As a commercial makeup artist, you’ll be able to work in fashion and costume designing.

With advanced knowledge from Health & Style Institute, your commercial makeup artist career will let you hit the ground running with freelance work. From private clients to spa work, freelances make their own hours.

Commercial Makeup Artist and Skin Care Therapy Technicians

With a Skin Care Therapy diploma from the Health & Style Institute, you’ll understand the knowledge underneath skin care applications. Imagine being both a makeup artist and esthetician? You’ll know the best products for your clients with just a few questions. From large projects to private clients, you’ll be ready to give authentic skincare therapy advice. For program information give us a call at 1-844-94-STYLE.

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