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Tips To Become A Makeup Artist

Tips to Become a Makeup Artist. Contact Health and Style Institute at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information!

Tips To Become A Makeup Artist

The makeup industry can be a very lucrative and rewarding career, but it is highly competitive. So, what will give you the edge in this growing industry? Health and Style’s Makeup Artistry program can give you great insider info from professionals, who not only teach, but also thrive in the industry. 

Do Your Research

What direction do you want your makeup career to go: special effects, television and film, print, bridal, cosmetic sales, platform work or high fashion? The possibilities are endless, but there are specific guidelines in each area, as well as specific training that can help set you apart from the competition. Even if you are not sure which direction you want to take in your career, Health and Style can help you find the pros and cons for each specialty, and help you decide on what route will be the right fit for you.

Continue to Practice

There is an old saying that practice makes perfect. Makeup application is no exception. If you’re like most of our students, you’ve probably been practicing on yourself, friends and family members for quite some time now. We recommend studying makeup through the decades and centuries. If you can master timeless looks from the past, you can create makeup trends for the future. Always keep a portfolio of your work (even your worst looks). Seeing your own progression is essential. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and explore your creativity.

Social Media

Create a professional Makeup Artist page and share your work with others. This will be a great portfolio of your creations and your electronic business card.

Keep up with Trends

Just like with fashion, makeup trends are always changing and evolving. We recommend following your favorite brands, makeup artists, fashion magazines and celebrities. A great way to challenge your trendsetting skill set is to pick one trend and then figure out how to turn that look into another trend. This type of critical thinking skill is essential to makeup artists on a movie set or in a time crunch.

Network with Others

It truly is a small industry. Make connections and do not be afraid to ask someone else’s tips and secrets. Most makeup artists will be flattered that you think so highly of their work. Build a network. You never know how you may land a job in the future from the networking you do today.

Enroll in Makeup Artistry Training Program at Health and Style Institute

Cultivating a sustainable, lucrative career in Makeup Artistry is a lot of work. The knowledge, skillset and professional training you receive from HSI will catapult you in your new career. Critical thinking skills, hands-on training to perfect your craft, and insider knowledge, along with the business side of makeup will help you feel prepared and ready for your new career as a Makeup artist. Contact Health and Style Institute at 1-844-94-STYLE for more information on our Makeup Artistry Program. We have locations in Atlanta, GA, Kennesaw, GA and Greensboro North Carolina.

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