Basics of Skin Care | Enroll in a Skin Care Therapy Program

Basics of Skin Care

Are you curious about how to best care for your skin? Have you developed an interest in becoming an esthetician?

As an esthetician, you can provide a variety of services. These services range from facials to full-body treatments that enhance the appearance of skin.

To become an esthetician, you will first want to enroll in a program that can educate you on the foundation of skincare.

Enroll in a Skin Care Therapy Program

At Health and Style Institute, we have a skincare therapy program that will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the state board exam and to become a licensed esthetician.

Our course teaches you how to become a spa professional. Ready to get started? Enroll now!

In this article, we will discuss how you can create a daily skincare routine for your face.

Fundamentals: Steps for a Daily Skincare Routine

Skincare is unique to every person. Depending on your budget, skin type, and care goals, you will want to develop a facial skincare routine that is unique to you. Here is what you should consider:

Know Your Skin Type

Skin types vary from person to person. There are four types of skin types to consider.

With normal skin, you will notice that it is not too oily or too dry. Dry skin will feel tight and rough. Oily skin has a glossy shine. Combination skin consists of a mixture of normal, dry and oily.

Understanding what type of skin your face falls under will help you create a routine that works for you. Knowing your skin type will allow you to select products that improve your skin’s appearance.

Know The Basics

It is simple to care for your face. All you have to do is cleanse, moisturize and protect it daily. There are products that will protect your face from unwanted sunburn and are made to remove darkened spots.

Using a facial cleanser will help keep your pores clear to prevent acne. Moisturizing your skin will protect your face from dryness and revive it.

To protect your face, select products that collaborate with it.

Develop Your Routine

A key to creating a successful skincare routine for your face is using products you enjoy. By being consistent, you will see improvement in your skin.

In the morning, you’ll want to create a routine that removes your dead skin cells and toxins that your face produced overnight. This portion should include hydrating your face afterward.

When it’s time to relax for the night, you’ll repeat the same routine, creating a fresh face while you enjoy a sweet dream.

To become an esthetician, you will first want to enroll in a program that can educate you on the foundation of skincare.

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