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Health And Style Institute’s Esthetician Program

Skin Care Therapy. Health and Style’s Esthetician Program

Health And Style Institute’s Esthetician Program

Becoming an esthetician can be an incredibly rewarding career. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. Great estheticians must undergo proper training to ensure they understand the science, art and business aspects of the salon and spa industry.

If you want to pass your state’s exam and become a licensed Esthetician or Skin Care Provider, you need the right tools to succeed. That’s why we offer the Skin Care Therapy Program.

What the Program Entails

Our Skin Care Therapy Program is a comprehensive course to prepare and qualify you for a career as a Spa Professional.

You will learn the concept, theory and application of skin care in a systemic and scientific way. Our course is based on modern best practices instead of outdated methods, so you’re only getting the best knowledge available.

The topics covered in your training include:

  • Physiology and anatomy of the skin
  • Disorders and diseases of the skin
  • Facial treatments (both basic and corrective)
  • Facial massage techniques
  • Best practices for client communication
  • Promoting your services
  • Ethics in the profession
  • State laws and regulations
  • Personal grooming
  • Safety procedures
  • Knowledge of products and their application
  • Basics of body spa services
  • Hair removal
  • Business training

What You Will Get Out of This Program

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive your Skin Care Therapy Diploma which will allow you to register to take your state board exam to receive your license. This can instantly help you stand out in your industry. You will also have the skills and confidence you need in the field of skin care.

You will be able to help clients achieve their beauty goals effectively and safely. As a student in the Esthetician Program, you can gain the business savvy skills needed to grow your own business or increase your income as in-house employee. Everything you need to have a wonderful career in the beauty industry is in this program.

Career Opportunities Upon Completion of our Skin Care Therapy Program

Upon completing our Skin Care Therapy Program, you will have all the tools you need to pass your State Board exam and become a licensed Esthetician. Your career opportunities in the Salon and Spa industry will be virtually unlimited.

Your skin care career isn’t as far away as you think. Put yourself in the fast lane toward becoming a successful esthetician with the best career training available.

To learn more about Health & Style’s Skin Care Therapy program, call 1-844-94-STYLE today.

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