What Is Cosmetology | How Do I Become a Cosmetologist?

What Is Cosmetology?

Are you always up to date with the latest beauty and hair trends? Do you have a passion for transforming someone’s appearance with a few makeup brushes? Do you constantly need a creative outlet? If you love the beauty industry, Cosmetology could be a great career for you!

What is Cosmetology?

In the simplest form, Cosmetology is the professional practice or skill of beautifying the skin, hair, and nails. Cosmetologists could be anything from a hair stylist or makeup artist for celebrities to your local nail technician; the opportunities are endless!

Health and Style Institute Beauty School

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Cosmetology Careers

Today, Cosmetology has become more specialized. Beauticians focus on hair. Aestheticians concentrate on the aesthetics, such as plastic surgery. Nail technicians specialize in nail care. With a Cosmetology License, there is a variety of career options for you – and we’re not just talking about washing hair in a salon all day. You can become a personal stylist, film and theater stylist, skin care therapist, or even a fashion show stylist. Check out this post for an extensive list of career options.

Why Should I Be a Cosmetologist?

There are numerous reasons why a cosmetologist chooses to pursue a beauty career:

  • exponential opportunities
  • flexible schedule
  • connecting with people
  • job security

However, the number one reason is because of the creative freedom. If you want the ability to express yourself through your work, experiment with new techniques, designs, and styles, then a career in the beauty industry is exactly what you need.

How Do I Become a Cosmetologist?

If you think you’ve found your calling, now you’re probably wondering how to get started. Health and Style Institute has your back.

Cosmetology School

The first step in your journey to becoming a licensed cosmetologist is enrolling in one of our programs:

Check out this post for 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Beauty School. Our programs don’t just teach the basic skills needed to pass the state board licensing exam, we provide a well-rounded lifestyle education helping you develop the skills, learn techniques, and turn creativity and passion into a rewarding career.

State Board of Cosmetology

At Health & Style Institute, we prepare you to pass the State Board by teaching the fundamentals of cutting, styling, permanent waving, hair coloring, manicuring, skin care, and makeup. You’ll develop the skills you need to pass with flying colors (no pun intended).

Cosmetology License

While every state may have different licensing laws, you’ll need to apply for your cosmetologist license before starting your career. Don’t get nervous, we will provide you with the information and understanding of what will happen once you’ve passed the State Board.

Start Your Cosmetology Career at Health and Style Institute

If you’re ready for a fulfilling and creative career in the Salon and Spa Industry, Health and Style Institute is ready to help. Reach out to Health & Style Institute at 1-844-947-8953 or contact us online. Our programs are offered in Greensboro, NC, Kennesaw, GA and Atlanta, GA. Contact us today to schedule a campus visit at the location nearest you!

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