Hair Color Tips | Hair Colors and Tips to find the Right Shade!

Hair Color Tips

Hair Colors and Tips to find the Right Shade!



When going for a new look, it seems like the color options are limitless. One simple solution is to ask the experts at the Health and Style Institute what they suggest, then putting your hair in their hands.

If, however, you prefer a little more control, then the Health and Style Institute would like to give you a few things to watch for that can help you find your gorgeous shade.

Hair Choice 101

Since your hair color will always have to go with your skin tone, it’s important to match your locks with your face.  That said, it is almost never a good idea to try to get the same color in your hair that you have in your skin.  People who try that tend to look washed out.  Instead, use your skin tone to determine what complimentary color will draw eyes to you.  You want a hair color that will make your natural beauty stand out while reducing or eliminating the look of flaws.

Skin Tone 101

Skin is normally classified as warm, or cool.  Not sure what yours is?  No problem.  Start with your eyes.  Extremely dark and extremely light eyes both indicate a cool skin tone.  If you have deep browns, blacks, or baby blues paired with pale or medium skin, very dark brown skin, or olive skin, you’re skin tone is cool.  Green, light brown, and hazel eyes generally indicate a warm skin tone.  You may have pale skin, but you’ll also have peach or gold undertones.  You could also have brown skin with caramel undertones, or be freckled.

Still not sure?  Check the veins on your wrist.  A green tint indicates warm skin, and blue means cool skin.

Cool Skin

With cool skin, you likely have little color variation throughout your skin, but where there is color, it looks a little too red.  Rather than lathering on makeup to bring color in, style your hair with intense shades of red, blonde, or brown.  The colors will draw focus to your eyes, and help hide any redness that may pop up.  You can also add some light highlights like wheat or taupe to contrast with the base and bring a little more color out of your skin.

Warm Skin

If you have warm skin, the wrong hair color can make your skin look a bit yellow and end up seeming drab and lifeless.  The right hair color for you is a rich, deep base like chestnut or dark golden brown.  The richness makes your complexion look even and adds a sultry appeal.  The deep color will add even more to your look with the addition of red, cinnamon, or copper highlights.

Whether you’ve found your perfect shade or you need more expert help, take advantage of the Health and Style Institute’s incredible talent and fantastic deals.  And save big bucks with February’s special; you can get you a shampoo, cut, and blow dry for only $5, with any purchase of in-stock salon product at Health and Style Institute:

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