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10 Hair Color Trends for Fall

10 Hair Color Trends for Fall

Fall is finally here! It’s a season of changing colors and temperatures, and the same applies to hair color. Because cosmetology programs are designed to prepare you to become a future beauty professional, it’s important for you to stay up-to-date on the latest seasonal trends and styles.

To ensure your customers leave the salon happy, get ahead of the curve with these ten hair color trends for fall.

Ten Trends for Fall Hair Colors

  1. Babylights

If you have fine hair and want noticeable highlights that aren’t as dramatic as ombré or as thick as balayage, babylights may be just the color solution you’re looking for.

  1. Pumpkin Spice

Yes, you read that right. You can now take your love for all things pumpkin spice and put it in your hair color! Pumpkin spice hair color adds varying shades of golden blonde or chestnut over copper, creating a multidimensional look that’s perfect for fall.

  1. Mermaid Blue

Blue is a classic color choice year-round, and it works on just about any skin tone. With mermaid blue, you’re going to get a multidimensional look by combining turquoise, aqua, navy, and cobalt, giving you unlimited styling options.

  1. Smoky Violets

Change up your summer style by transitioning away from pastel hair colors and into smoky, cool-toned purples.

  1. Warm Autumn Lights

A classic choice for fall, warm autumn lights are warm-toned highlights that add dimension to your ‘do. Good highlight choices include amber, caramel, chestnut, chocolate, and auburn.

  1. Rose Gold

This shimmering blend of red, pink, and blonde lights up your whole look! You can go lighter or darker within the rose gold palate, depending on what works best with your skin tone.

  1. Color Melting

If you want a hair color that’s subtle but stunning, look no further than color melting! Color melting, as the name implies, creates a multidimensional effect by allowing multiple tones to blend together. You can color melt any way your heart desires — create a natural, luminous look, or spice it up with pops of vibrant color.

  1. Cuivre Red

C’est beau! Cuivre, meaning “copper” in French, is a shimmering red that’s going to be big this fall. It’s a reflective, intense copper shade, full of amped-up intensity and gloss.

  1. Streaks of Neon

Show your adventurous side without the total-hair commitment with streaks of neon. These accent pieces of color show off your adventurous, carefree, and fun side while blending harmoniously into your natural color.

  1. Compound Colors

Make ‘em do a double take! Compound coloring is a process of layering at least two or more colors per section, resulting in an illuminated, multi-tonal look. By blending a variety of tones and colors, you’re going to get a sparkly, tonal gradient that looks oh-so-magical.

Hairstyles and colors are ever changing and staying informed on the latest trends is vital to your success as a cosmetology student. Take these ten hair color trends, and you’ll have a variety of options to present to your clients to take their hair color to the next level. Ready to take your career to the next level? Contact Health and Style Institute for more information on our cosmetology programs.

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