Best Ways to Keep Your Color Bold This Summer

Best Ways to Keep Your Color Bold This Summer

Best Ways to Keep Your Color Bold This Summer

Hair color dulls with the conditions of the summer heat, but it doesn’t have to! With the sun’s rays calling you outside for some fun and surf, you shouldn’t have to worry about not looking your brightest. Some of the best ways to keep your color bold through the UV, sweat and chlorine can be found in the comfort of your home!

Why is my color fading?

It’s not healthy!

Coloring your hair is not exactly the kindest on your hair. You need to repair your hair from the inside out in order to keep things bright. Taking Biotin supplements will restore the proteins that your hair needs and a deep conditioning mask at least once a week will prevent breakage and uphold moisture.

Put down the curling iron!

Too much of anything is never good, but too much heat is especially harmful. Straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers might give you the style you’re looking for but without preparing your hair with a thermal protectant beforehand, you are just begging for dull, dry hair.

What can I change right now?

Your hairbrush!

It might sound crazy but your brush might be stripping your hair of shine and color if it has metal bristles. Metal bristles heat up from blow drying and straightening and then have the same effect on your hair as the thermal tools. Try a brush with natural bristles instead.

Your shampoo schedule!

If you clean your hair too often, the color has no chance to stay bright and bold. Consider implementing dry shampoo into the weekly routine along with your regular shampoo. It’s that easy to make your shine and color pop!

Your water temperature!

While you might be adding dry shampoo to the routine, you should still wash your hair regularly. When you do, turn the water temperature down a tad. The hot water opens the pores in your hair and allows the color to escape more easily. Wash your hair first, tie it up and then crank the temperature, if that’s your jam.

What can I add right now?

High-quality hair dye!

Having your hair colored by a professional is always recommended in part because they are more likely to use trusted products. Using your stylist’s suggested brands will ensure that you have salon hair even when you can’t get to the salon that month. Still want that professional touch but you’re strapped for cash? Look into your local Cosmetology programs! Many offer discounted rates on professional coloring services.

Home remedies!

For brighter blondes, spraying your hair with cold water brewed with chamomile tea will hold the color and prevent the greenish tinge that tends to happen over the summer. For bolder brunettes, spraying your hair with water brewed with coffee will prevent the sun from dulling your dark shine. For more radiant redheads, spray hair with either carrot (light red) or beet juice (deep red). Mayonnaise is also a good product to have on hand for any color needing a little TLC.

A hat!

So you’ve tried everything on this list but you still want to protect against the summer heat. As a last attempt, throw on that big, floppy hat you’ve been saving for a beach day. Look fab and save your color, too!

Healthy, bold color doesn’t come without a little help. By implementing at least one or two of these suggestions, you’re that much closer to keeping your summer color bright and bold!

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