Hair Color Trends

Hair Color Trends


Hair Color Trends

A new year often sparks a kind of Pavlovian response in us toward changing up our hair. New cuts, new color, a fresh new look. We don’t subscribe to the whole “a new season requires you to go darker/lighter/whatever-er.” Toss out those season mandates and wear any color that makes you feel gorgeous. But a little spicing up of your strands can give you a beautiful boost.

Thanks to a recent boom in downright nifty coloring techniques, there’s no better time than the present to get your ‘do did. Crystallizing, rooting, whispering — there are so many cool new trends to try.  Best of all, they work for all types of colors and needs, whether you’re a rainbow-hair fan or a die-hard brunette.

These are all variations on existing techniques that have been given clever, catchy names. There is, after all, only so much you can do with bleach. But it’s the ways in which these techniques are modernized and applied that makes them fresh and exciting.

Getting creative with existing techniques and using new terminology to describe them helps clients and our colorists communicate better. These names speak much more clearly than the [standard terms] — tint, single-process color. If you come in and ask for babylights, your colorist will know you don’t want a chunky highlight. It’s like designer clothes — you want to say what you wear. If it’s got a name, we can identify it.

It’s great for consumers to educate themselves on these techniques, because as a paying customer you should come in and know more information about what you want, so you leave 100% satisfied with the results. To ensure you leave the salon happy, you need to be able to communicate with your Health and Style Institute stylist.

These color trends may just inspire you to think outside the (hair color) box:

oil slick

Oil Slick
Oil-slick color is inspired by the shiny, iridescent reflection of the mixture of oil, gasoline, and water.  Not exactly the loftiest of beauty inspirations, but who among us hasn’t been mesmerized by those abalone-esque puddles?

This one is for dark-haired ladies, and is created by taking all of those colors you see in an oil slick and layering them throughout the hair.  It gives an illusion of reflecting different colors from different angles.  Bonus: You don’t have to lighten your strands to get the effect. Good news for anyone with a bleach aversion.


For those of you who don’t want your hair color to grow out janky, but don’t have the time or $$$ to get to get in to see us for regular touch-ups, this technique is the new go-to.  The lived-in trend is neither balayage nor ombré, but rather a subtle way of highlighting the hair.  It looks like a subtle combination of bronde, ombré, and balayage.

The whole head is highlighted — lift or bleach the hair, deposit color, add a gloss, and take the time to create a fake root. ​You will have a blend of colors next to each other, from ashy to blonde to brunette, as this is what gives it that lived-in color look.​

The effect is comfortable yet sexy; being put-together without looking like you tried too hard, and bonus: the color can last up to six months!



Consider this the more avant-garde cousin of ombré. Inspired by the rings around, you guessed it, Saturn, this trend features a lighter hue that encompasses the center of the hair length.

The style can go bold — like on the model pictured here — or subtler, i.e. one or two shades lighter [than your base shade], which gives a subtle little feature to straight hair.

This technique is best left to dark haired beauties because it can look a bit like a home dye gone wrong. Blonde hair with dark rings around it looks cheap.



This jewel-inspired trend is meant to mimic the multifaceted color of an opal. However, this trend requires LOTS of laborious hand-painting, and unfortunately doesn’t last very long. But for those of you who don’t mind constant upkeep and salon visits (we know you exist!), this could be perfect. For everyone else, well, it makes great eye-candy for your unicorn-hair Pinterest board.

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