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5 Tips for Caring for Your Hair This Spring


Winter is finally over, but the damage from dry air and frigid temperatures remains. Spring and Summer are a welcome change, but the change in climate can do even more damage to your hair if you’re not prepared. If you’re a stylist or a Cosmetology program student, now is the time to start passing these tips on to your clients.

Humidity, heat and pool water all damage hair in different ways. Don’t delay; go ahead and start treating your hair to a little TLC. It definitely needs it.

Start with a Snip!

The cold winter weather is finally a thing of the past and what better way to celebrate than with a much-needed trim? Starting the season off saying “buh-bye” to those damaged ends. Just one little trim can make you feel fresh and ready to take on those harsh conditions.

Fight the Frizz!

All that heat and humidity may be a welcome change, but it always comes with a little bit of frizz. Don’t settle for the crunchiness, though. When picking out your mousse, look for ones with polymers or copolymers. This type of ingredient coats your hair for protection and combats humidity. Read those labels and you’ll be one step ahead of the heat!

Condition Like Crazy

This sounds pretty obvious for avoiding dry ends but it is even more critical to condition your hair in the spring so it’s strong enough to survive the summer. Shove your current conditioner to the bottom shelf for now and invest in some extra-moisture conditioner for the season. If it starts to seem limp or oily, just cut back on your regimen a little.

Sunny Strength!

The sun can damage your hair just as it can damage your skin. Slathering your skin with SPF 30 won’t do much for your hair, but UV protecting shampoo will aid in minimizing the sun’s effects, especially on color-treated hair. Say “No” to unwanted highlights and dryness!

Clean Out the Chlorine

It’s that time! Parties and lazy pool days are on the way, which means the harsh chemicals in chlorine pools are as well. Don’t miss out on a game of water volleyball; clean your hair afterward with clarifying shampoo and you’ll be good to go. As long as you clean it out, those chemicals won’t stand a chance.

For an extra protective step, coat your hair in conditioner before you hit the pool. The conditioner prevents your strands from absorbing as much water while deep conditioning. It’s a win both ways!

You don’t need us to tell you that your hair needs to be treated well if it is going to look and feel healthy. Following these easy tips will ensure that your hair is ready for all of the fun in the sun that spring and summer have to offer.

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