Hair Trends for Spring 2016

Hair Trends for Spring 2016


In a world where it seems like everyone is using social media, it is no surprise that information travels faster than ever. With the tap of a finger, we can share thoughts, ideas and opinions; which means that trends fall in and out of style faster than ever. Fashion has always been a trend-driven topic and more specifically, hair trends in the fashion world have evolved year by year and season by season.

Don’t Miss Out on These Hot Spring Hair trends

Because of these quick evolutions in hair trends, students of cosmetology programs are tested more than ever on their ability to keep up with the new looks each season and how to execute them for a client. Some programs only cover the basics, but you can maximize your cosmetology program game by including these styles in your spring look book:

Adios, Ombré! Balayage Is Here

Balayage | Health and StyleThis new form of ombré has the masses talking! It give you the opportunity to creatively place color

where you see fit and does not constrain the color to certain sections of the hair as ombré tends to do since it is applied with foil. Also called “tortoiseshell,” it combines three main colors ranging from rich brunette to ashy blonde to give even the finest of hair dimension.

Hello, Roots!

Ponytail Roots | Health and StyleYes, you heard it here first: all the time and energy spent covering up those dark roots is a thing of the past. Allowing the roots to grow out even to a few inches long gives hair depth and richness (and the opportunity to wait a couple extra weeks for a touch-up, which your clients will thank you for!).

Half-Up and Top Knots!

Hair Style | Health and StyleSay goodbye to your hair straightener and invest in a wicked texturizing spray. The combination of the messy waves and top knot gives that cool-girl vibe that we have all been looking for. It is perfect for any thickness of hair or cut because of its versatile nature from the office to the bar. Your clients will also be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is for them to do on their own.

Go Short, but Not Too ShortBalayage Motion | Health and Style

We saw in seasons past that short sleek A-line bobs and pixie cuts gave women the confidence take on even the most executive of looks, however, encourage your clients to grow it out this season! As the stylist, you should texturize the hair with long layers and style loose waves with a small curling iron around chin-shoulder level: so fierce!

Buh-Bye, Bangs!

 Buh-Bye, Bangs! | Health and StyleThat’s right, grow them out and move the part to the middle of your forehead. Give your client enough dimension by styling the face-framing pieces lighter and more voluminous. You’ll be glad you tried this one while it is still trendy.

It’s easy to stick with one style that your client is confident with, but don’t be afraid to try something new, either! If you’re trained well, like our student stylists at Health and Style, then you can be assured that you will always be up to date with the latest trends in hair fashion. Hairstyles are ever changing and staying informed on the latest trends is vital for when a client gives you that rare opportunity to try something new.

If you still can’t decide which trend is your favorite, or you just want to add a little extra dazzle to your new spring look, check out our April special: “Sparkle This Spring.” Your choice of a Microzone or Facial-on-the-Go with Brow Wax & Makeup Application for $15!

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