2013 Men’s Hairstyles

2013 Men’s Hairstyles



Whether you’re a guy searching for a look that’s sure to turn heads or a girl who wants her guy to be presentable when he’s taking you out, the Health and Style Institute can help you find your perfect do. Most of these styles don’t take much prep in the morning, so you can still give your girl most of the bathroom time while looking fantastic all day.


Using a little gel in the morning can give you the rumpled, just got out of bed look, while holding strong all day long.  For this look, get a short haircut, but long enough that your hair can still move pretty freely on your head.  Gel your hair from the back to the front, pushing those strands forward as you go.  The act of pushing it will get the hair somewhat uniform, without looking like you’re going for a slicked greaser look.


With slightly longer hair, you can pull off the messy look.  Cut your hair long enough that you have bangs in your eyes and longer hair in the back.  Apply just a little bit of paste or gel when you get out of the shower to keep those bangs near your ears instead of in your face, and the rest of the hair can be a little messier, creating a wavy appearance.

Short Sophistication

Think Ben Stiller or Russell Crowe for sophistication.  (Wait, what?)  Not necessarily their personality or humor, but their hairstyle.  With a medium length cut and a clean, backwardly gelled look, they keep elements of messiness in their hair, while overall looking completely put together.


This is not the wild look an afro was a few decades ago, but rather is just an inch or two of hair combed in a uniform fro look.  Kobe Bryant sports this look, and one benefit is it’s incredibly easy to maintain, even while on the basketball court.  All you need is a hair pick for occasional touch-ups.

Short and Curly

If you want to ditch the pick entirely, try Denzel Washington’s style.  With a short cut, the curls naturally form right against his head.  A little gel to keep everything in place, and you have a style that looks like it’s straight from a magazine.

Bald and Beautiful

For those who are dealing with a receding hair line, or those who just want to avoid gel and trips to the hair stylist, a shaved head or an incredibly short cut can look fantastic.  If you want to go the shaved route, just make shaving your hair as regular as shaving your beard.  Many men do it in the shower.  Short cuts can also be self-maintained if you invest in an adjustable electric shaver and find your perfect height.

Finding the style that suits you is an important element in expressing yourself as an individual.  Your hair is one of the first things people notice, so find a look that matches your personality.  For more suggestions, visit the Health and Style Institute.

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