Love-Hate Relationship with Your Bangs

Love-Hate Relationship with Your Bangs?


Bangs definitely have their great days… and their not-so-great days. When your fringe is cooperating, it frames your face, gives your hair a distinct style, and can even make you look younger — goodbye, forehead fine lines! But they’re not exactly wash and go, since a good set of bangs requires some amount of upkeep.

Learn How to Use the Right Tools
Blow out your bangs while your hair is still very wet. They dry faster than you think, and the moment they start to air-dry they’ve already begun to set into their natural shape — which often isn’t quite the look you’re going for. The sooner you start styling, the better your results will be.

And how you blow-dry is key. A small, round boar-bristle brush is the gold standard for styling bangs because the tightly packed bristles grab every hair, allowing you to use the right amount of tension. Once you’ve got the proper brush and a powerful hair dryer, with the nozzle attached, you need to master the bang blow-drying technique. Hold your hair dryer over your head, facing down towards your forehead, and brush your bangs from side to side until dry. This takes care of any cowlicks and ensures your bangs fall straight. Finish by rolling the ends under. Book an appointment to see us, we’re always happy to show you how and a shampoo and blowout starts at only $5… affordable bliss!

To tame frizz and seal the shape, finish by smoothing your bangs with a flat iron. Start on one side of your face and take vertical sections all the way across. The best way to do this is with a slim flat iron that can get all the way up to the root.

Less is More… Product
When it comes to styling product and your bangs, less is more. You can use whatever product you would normally use, but apply it to your hair first, then use only what is left on your hands for your bangs. Any more and you’ll wind up with greasy fringe by noon.

You may be able to get away with using no product, but most women need a little something to keep cowlicks in place. If you have fine hair, use a light styling cream. For thick or coarser textures, try something with slightly more hold. We carry a wealth or products and can help you determine what will work best for your hair.

Au Natural
When blow-drying isn’t an option, embrace your natural texture. Rather than trying to direct your bangs to fall straight, twist them. Split your bangs at your part, twist them outwards, push the twists to either side, and don’t touch them until your hair is dry. This prevents your bangs from drying in all different directions.

Keep Them Clean
Even if you’ve adopted a less stringent schedule for washing your hair – bravo — make an exception for your bangs. The simple truth is that they get greasy, and fast. Give your bangs a light shampooing before you wash your face in the morning, and use dry shampoo before they get oily. You don’t need a lot, but a quick spritz before you head out the door will prevent midday, oil-induced separation or flatness.

And be sure to blot your forehead with blotting paper after moisturizing, before releasing your bangs. We would never advise you to skip to moisturizer, but you don’t want your skincare products transferring to your bangs and making your hair look greasy. So keep your bangs off of your face until your products have fully absorbed, which can take up to ten minutes.


Go Into Fall & Winter Fabulously!
If your bangs and overall tresses could use some TLC, take advantage of our November special: Get a FREE Keratin mask – a $15 value – with any full-priced highlight service!! Good through 11/30/14. Our full salon menu here.


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